Kids Craft Ideas

Most of the step-by-steps you'll find here are for primary school age children (5+), though many can be adapted for younger kids. Some will be more challenging, with new techniques like making slots, and you're always going to be the best judge of how much help your child needs. There will often be cutting involved which should be supervised - some of it may be quite tricky, but remember, the more you let them do, the better they'll get. Practice really does make perfect!

A pile of cardboard packaging means endless possibilities, but this kind of craft isn't an exact science - packaging varies, so it's important not to worry if, say, your egg box looks different from the picture. Be ready to adapt and work with what you've got.  Make do. This really is the fun part - putting your own personal spin on projects.

I'm going to list all my step-by-steps here on this page, so hopefully you'll easily be able to find the ones you want.

Happy crafting!


Brian the Lion


Simple paper stars

Paper Primrose Posy

Foil Butterflies
Easy Easter Bunny

Ted with a heart

Bluebird in a tree

paper plate hen
Paper plate hen

Paper tube chick and bunny

Creme egg cockatoo

Paper tube scenes

toilet paper roll craft
Paper tube cityscape

toilet paper tube craft
Paper tube nightscape

toilet paper tube craft
Paper tube meadow scene

cork cat
Cat on a hat cork craft

cork chick
Cork chick

wisteria - bubblewrap art
Bubble wrap wisteria

cow parsley - bubblewrap printing
Bubble wrap flower printing
Curly-wurly snake


Cork gnomes from Brian the Lion goes into Space

Mr Twit's Beard

Hedwig the owl costume

Egg Box Peppa Pig

Egg Box Clangers

Batman and Robin - kids' craft
Egg carton Batman and Robin

Star Wars Craft

Darth Vader kids craft
Darth Vader made from an egg carton

Millennium Falcon craft
Millennium Falcon

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo

Obi Wan Kenobi craft
Obi Wan Kenobi

star wars craft
Princess Leia - Star Wars craft
Princess Leia

R2-D2  - Star Wars crafts


Shell Lady

Shell pram

Shell picture


Leaf bookmarks

hen - leaf fall crafts

Leaf art using paper plates


Little bat and ghost figures

Little witch and pumpkin

Cardboard tube bats

bat leaf

Bat leaf


kitchen units/shoebox kitchen

Shoebox kitchen - walls and floor

toilet paper tube table and chairs
Shoebox kitchen - table and chairs

Mini vase of flowers

Pots, pans and plates


DIY Nativity stable

Easy egg box Nativity figures

Three Wise Men

Angels and other things...

Paper craft Nativity

Sparkly Christmas decorations

Easy Advent calendar decorations

Sparkly bird decorations

Christmas tree decorations

fairy decorations
Egg carton fairy decorations

Paper tube fairy

Father Christmas cork craft

Christmas card puzzle pictures

Make Your Own Animals


Giraffe and Zebra





Panda craft



egg carton birds
Flying birds from egg cartons

Egg carton bunnies

paper tube dog
Scamp! Paper roll dog

Brian the Lion

egg carton sheep
Egg carton sheep

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