Daffodil toilet paper roll posy

This is a slightly adapted version of the snowdrop posy - the only extra thing you'll need is some orange or yellow tissue paper.


Toilet paper roll flower posy - snowdrops

toilet paper roll snowdrops

Toilet paper rolls and egg cartons are brilliant for making flowers, there are so many flowery possibilities! These little posies are very similar to ones we've made before


Paper roll armchairs

toilet paper roll armchairs

Back to squishing toilet paper tubes flat to make these sweet little armchairs! They're to add to our shoebox sitting room, but you really don't need a shoebox house to make one.


Fireplace for Shoebox Sitting room

Shoebox fireplace

It's taken a while...but now the shoebox kitchen has been updated, it's time to move onto the sitting room, and a fireplace seemed a good place to start. This one is made from a stock cube box


Pick up a Penguin pattern for Sewasoftie

Penguin decoration

I love a tree decoration, we are coming down with them! Every year I'm surprised by the sheer number of baubles and ornaments that come out of the Christmas box, but there's always room for more don't you think??


Shoebox kitchen units

shoebox kitchen

We made a shoebox kitchen a while ago, and fully intended to add more rooms, but then got sidetracked, as you do.. And when I looked at it again recently I felt the kitchen units could be improved and simplified. So the old ones