Monday, 27 November 2017

Fairy decorations - crafts for kids

fairy decorations

This little fairies look sweet hanging on the Christmas tree and you can decorate them any way you like.

You'll need:
Egg carton
plain paper
Fine black pen
Glitter/sequins (optional)
Paper clips

1. For the body, roughly cut out a middle cone from the egg carton, then use a ruler to measure and mark about 4cm (11/2in.) from the top on each side. Join the marks and cut along the line. (Cut up two adjacent corners to the line, then bend the flap of card back and cut it off. This makes it easier to cut along the rest of the line).

2. For the arms, cut a thin strip from the egg carton lid, about 6cm long (21/2in.), and round the ends.

3. For the legs, cut a wider strip of card (no wider than the top of the egg carton cone though - see pic) - make it about 9cm  (31/2in.) long. At one end, cut up the middle to about halfway along the strip - cut out an extra sliver if you want, to define the legs. Snip each end into a pointy ballet shoe shape.

4. Take the body cone and pierce a hole in the middle of one side, about a third of the way down from the top. (Keep the scissors closed, press down and twist from side to side).  Once you've made a hole, cut up to the top of the cone and down the other side, so the slot looks even. Cut out an extra sliver (make it a decent gap) so it's easier to slot the leg and arm pieces in later.

5. Cut a simple head shape from the leftover egg carton card (see below). One head piece is enough - we cut out two (using the first one as a template) to make the decoration look neater at the back, but it's an extra step you can miss out if you want to speed things up.

6. Painting time. Paint the fairy's dress any colour you like - paint the arms, legs and face any skin colour (we mixed a little red with lots of white and a tiny dab of yellow and blue). Then paint the shoes, and the hair around the face (you can neaten it up with the pen later). If you've cut out two head pieces, paint the second one whatever hair colour you've picked.

7. When the paint is dry, brush a little glue inside the top of the cone, then push the leg strip up through the slot until the legs look like they're in the right position and there's card sticking out the top (to attach the head to).

8. Then slot the arm piece into place, so it sits just below the top of the cone.

9. Before attaching the head, use a fine black pen to add detail to the face and hair. We used a red pencil for the smile and a pink one for her cheeks.

10. Brush some glue on the card sticking out at the top, but before attaching the head here, cut a length of thread (about 15cm), fold it in half, and stick the ends in the glue, then stick the head piece in place.

If you have made two, glue the other one one behind, and sandwich them together, using paper clips to hold the two head pieces together.

11. For the wings, fold a piece of plain paper in half and draw a wing shape on the fold. Cut out and open.

12. Glue the wings to the back of your fairy.

Decorate with glitter and sequins if you want, and bring a little fairy sparkle to your tree!


  1. Hello lovely
    Your fairies are pretty and such dainty feet.
    Did you watch Witnesses? I've downloaded it but yet to watch.

    1. Yes I did! But missed the first (rather crucial) 20 mins.. Luckily there were two episodes, so just about caught up and will definitely keep watching. A bit spooky, weird, but in a sort of compelling way! xx