Sunday, 8 September 2013

Jumping back in - part 2

I almost sobbed when I caught a brief glimpse of the kid's old school bus on friday;
gone are the days of waving them off at 8.35 in my slippers, before a 30 second amble back to the house.

Things couldn't be more different.

They're all at new schools, we're out the door at 7.20, and every week day I'm going to be in the car for over two hours, FOR EVER. Well that's what it feels like. The years of school runs are stretching before me.

But hey, it was our choice; and the problem with having it easy for so long was I was getting lazy. Some days I didn't leave the house. Some days I didn't see anyone apart from the kids and Beryl the bus driver.

How lucky was I getting all that time and space during the day? And no complaints about avoiding the school gate malarky either; but the more time I spent on my own, the less effort I was making to go out, anywhere. It really was next stop Hermitsville.
I also found I was getting less done at home. Things were starting to drift. It was time for a change.

So my plan is to squeeze every drop of positive out of our new daily routine. I needed a kick up the arse, and maybe this'll do it.

Totally out of the blue I got some work over the summer. Up to now I've talked a good game, then fear of failure has made me back off before things got too real. This time I didn't get the chance to wiggle out of it because it all happened so fast. Nothing very exciting, just some voice over work for a legal firm. But it's a start, I can fit into my day, and I'm in the early stages of setting up a website, which is going to be interesting for a techy biff like me. I will definitely need some help.

The other thing I'd really like to do, though does sound a bit lofty, is turn my Roll up to the Zoo posts into a kid's craft book. I haven't a clue how to go about it, but it's got to be worth a try?

Makes me laugh sometimes when I think how this blog has morphed into a glorified excuse to spend more time in charity shops, make soft toys, and fashion zoo animals out of loo rolls.

It has become a rather accurate reflection of the big kid that I am. But maybe some of it will lead somewhere? It's all stuff I love.

Anyway, lots to think about during the long school run.

Everything's a bit up in the air at the moment.



  1. Congrats on the work front. And yes, you should totally turn those posts into a craft book! Good luck! :D

    1. Thanks Emma :) May all lead to nothing, but gotta give it a go!

  2. Hi Tracey,
    That all sounds very exciting, and I'm sure you're quite nervous as well. It will take some time to find a good new routine that works, but new routines are so good for us too.
    Take advantage of the car commutes to do thinking and planning, via voice memo recording! Good luck with your work and new routines.

    1. Don't think I realised quite how much I needed a change until we started the new routine. The school run is going to take a bit of getting used to, but soon it'll be the norm. I'm excited about exploring new opportunities, though am swamped by nerves too! The belief isn't always there. True I think for a lot of SAHMs. Thanks so much for your comment, and for the voice memo recording idea - really like that!

  3. Go for it tracey.....I have told so many people about your loo roll zoo and they are all so go for it...and it's true the busier you are the more you get done...

    1. Thanks so much my lovely, and thanks for spreading the word! x

  4. I am now in the tenth year of longish daily school runs (how I dislike it), with three to go. I'm quite lucky in that hubby quite often does the morning ones. When we move house, the school run will literally take five minutes there and five minutes back. I cannot WAIT! Best of luck with your new endeavours.

    1. 10 years! Lordy. Wonder if I'm going to manage 10 years doing this run. You're not going to know yourself when you move! So exciting :)