Hey, Hey, it's the (egg box) Monkeys!

They've been a long time coming these monkeys, so really hope they're worth the wait...

The body's made from the same egg box bit as the penguins (the cone that stops the eggs bashing together),

you'll also need paint, glue and brown pipe-cleaners.

Once you've cut out the bodies (top 3cm), get painting, and don't forget to paint a piece of egg lid card brown too, plus a lighter colour for the face.

About a cm from the top, make holes for arms with nail scissors - keep closed, press down and twist from side to side) and do the same at the bottom for the legs.

Make a hole in the top (if there isn't one there already) and cut a slot about a cm long at the back for the tail.
Cut 3 pieces of pipe cleaner - two 9cm long, and one 12cm. Push the longer piece up through the hole until there's enough to bend into a loop (where you'll stick the head) - then pull the rest of the pipe cleaner up through the tail slot.

Push the other 2 pieces through for the arms, and the legs - when you're happy, fold the sharp tips over.

For the head, find a suitably sized circle (we used a thread reel) and draw round it twice on some cereal box card.

Now, using one as an outline, draw two small chimp ears near the top, touching the circle, and continue down to the bottom. See picture.

In the other circle, draw two 3's facing each other (see picture again). Use the bottom of the circle to form your 3's, and make the lower half fatter and shorter than the top bit.

Cut these pieces out, and you're looking for them to sit together like this...

...with a little of the lower part visible on either side. A bit fiddly, but once it's done and you're happy, use these pieces as templates for all your other monkeys.

Add any expression you like, and glue the head onto the pipe-cleaner hoop. Best to use a stronger all-purpose glue as PVA craft glue doesn't work so well with pipe cleaners.

We made a small playground for our monkeys too - you just need the top of an egg box + one egg cup, a suitable twig, paint, glue and some coloured paper. and a ball of plasticine (modelling clay)

First, paint the egg box lid green, (or you might already have a green one) and the egg cup piece grey.

Once they're dry, cut a strip of green paper (or paper you've painted) so it wraps around the cup, leaving a space at the front. Fold the bottom cm along the strip.
Fringe the paper up to the fold - my daughter loves doing this - then chop bits out and make it different lengths so it looks more grass like.

Snip a few times into the cm fold - this helps when it come to sticking it neatly under the egg cup.
Brush glue around the side of the stone - with the fold sitting along the bottom edge, press the grass on and stick the rest underneath.

Glue to the egg box lid. We added a few paper leaves to our tree. Make a hole for the tree and push the end into some plasticine to help keep it steady.
If you have any coloured tissue paper, scrupple little bits up to make flowers.

And once you've enough chimps, you could always try something else....We had a go at a baboon..

with cheeky extras..

Next time pandas.

Many more projects like this in my craft books, 'Make Your Own Zoo' and 'Make Your Own Farm Animals'