Egg carton penguins

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Apparently there are a few homemade Zoos on the go now, which is just brilliant! Though it does mean the pressure's on to come up with some new ideas.  Luckily I've been saving the penguins - and do you know, they're probably my favourites so far. SO quick and easy.

You will need:
Egg carton
Small piece of cereal box card
PVA/craft glue
Paint (black, white, yellow)
Fine black felt-tip or gel pen
Nail scissors (straight-edged or similar *to be used by an adult)
For their iceberg home:
Egg cartons
Ice-cream carton lid or similar

The penguins are made from the long pointy cone bits in the box that protect the eggs. Some cartons don't have them but plenty do. How easy is that?

*If your cones have holes in the top, dab some glue inside the top of the cone and then push a small piece of newspaper up, to block the hole.*

First, roughly cut out as much of the middle cones as you can - this makes them easier to work with. Then, with a pencil, mark points on the 4 corners, just above the bumpy cardboard joins. Then join the points with a pencil line, all the way around the cone (just a guide so don't worry if it's a bit wobbly). Carefully cut up to the pencil line (at an angle is easiest) and then along the line. Take time doing this so the edge is nice and even and your penguin body sits steady on a flat surface.

Paint one side white - and cut out and paint a few of the egg cups and the box lid too (for the icebergs)

REMEMBER to also paint a small piece of cereal box card yellow for beaks and feet (about 10cmx10cm).

Once the paint's dry it's time for the black. I found a quick outline with a black pen or pencil on the penguin's front helped. She's pretty neat, my 6 year old, but there mightn't have been a lot of white left if we'd gone completely freestyle!

TIP: Put your penguin on a spare egg carton cone to make it easier to paint (and less messy!)

Use a black marker or gel pen to dot on eyes, close to the top of the head.

For the beak, either: 

Paint or draw one on, 

Or, cut out a small triangle and glue on,

Or, cut a thin strip from the yellow painted cereal box card. Snip the end into a 'V' and cut off the top cm or so (see picture below).

Draw a short line right under the eyes. Use the nail scissors to pierce a hole on the line (keep them closed, press down and twist carefully from side to side). Snip the slot and wiggle the scissors a little, to make it easier to slot the beak through. Dab some glue behind the slot.

Cut two long, thin triangles for feet. Stick the pointy end underneath the front, and leave your penguin lying on its back until the glue is dry. Then bend them into place.

For their frosty, iceberg scene, paint a piece of paper or cereal box card blue, and cut to fit the ice-cream lid. (Paper is easiest - press into the shape of the lid, to make creases around the edges, so you can see where to cut)

Then, have fun arranging your icebergs.
We used part of the egg box lid for a base, then cut the egg cups so they were all different sizes.

Stick the cups on top/in front/in the water - wherever you like really, before sploshing on another thick coat of white to fill any gaps.

One of our penguins has lost his head and gone for a dip...

I've had a request for monkeys and a whale... need to think about the whale, (though there is a whale HERE now!), but I've a sort of plan for monkeys, so they'll be next!

Anything else you'd like to see in the Zoo? Within reason, obviously!

Penguin craft for kids

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