Monday, 3 December 2012

Soft landing and a calendar cushion

Home life has settled down at last, after all the excitement of him getting back. The days now have a gentle rhythm to them. Not to say there haven't been a few bumps along the way....the morning routine went a bit haywire at the start - I mean, you'd think another pair of hands would speed things up during the mad rush before school, well not straight off as it turns out, we were all over the place! Things eventually calmed down by the end of the first week - just needed time to get used to each other again.
And I have to admit, I am still adjusting to having company 24/7 (as lovely as it is), after being on my own for so long. From nothing to all and back. The story of my life. Maybe a post for another day?

I can see my husband slowly unwinding too. As well as being relentlessly tough, his year away was so regimented and ordered - everything done pretty much straight away and people listened....realisation's dawning that if he expects things to go like clockwork here, he'll drive himself insane!
And the house is lit up like a belisha beacon. He seems to have forgotten how to switch a light off.

Talking of lights - sparkly, twinkly fairy lights - I'm going all out this christmas, no holding back! It's going to be christmas with jingly bells on and lashings of multi-coloured glitter.  I was such a misery last year as he'd just gone to Afghanistan - time to make up for it I think. So to kick things off I made an Advent calendar cushion...

Not sure it'll catch on, but any project that makes a dent in my huge wool supply is fine by me. The cushion's made out of an old jumper I couldn't bring myself to throw away (so soft, but holey - sooo soft though)

This is such a quick and easy knitted cushion cover, and the sleeves make a good pair of fingerless gloves. Old patterned christmas jumpers would be great for covers, wouldn't they?

The tree itself is a large knitted triangle and the little square pockets were quick to do, but the numbers took a while. Don't look too hard - I chain stitched them on and they're all kinds of sizes.

I put some chocolate buttons wrapped in tin foil in each pocket, and the cushion is now sitting at the end of my daughter's bed. It's going to be a bit of a test - more self-control needed than one hanging on the wall or safely on top of the fridge. We'll see...

But this has got to be my favourite Christmas thing so far. It's the picture my 5 year old drew at school for those cards you feel under a great deal of pressure to buy, you know the ones I mean?

Poor old fairy.



  1. Was so pleased to see this post pop up in my reading list! Great to see you, and so glad things are settling down You are so clever with your recycling, and D's pic made me giggle. I know what you mean about the pressure to buy. Fortunately our school hasn't bitten the bullet with those cards, but I fear it si only a matter of time!

    1. oh you are lucky! The cards aren't cheap. Though I was more enthusiastic about getting some this time :) Things are feeling a lot more normal now which is lovely, and the kids aren't fighting for his attention so much. LOVING having a break from the bath/bedtime routine and think he's more thorough with the reading/homework....well certainly more thorough than I was towards the end of the 12 months...
      It's been a bit harder than I thought to get back on the blog, even though it's only been a few weeks, funny how quickly that can happen - and still no idea about a new name. Can't think of anything good!
      Thanks R x

  2. Oh Hello! Lovely to hear you are all settling into family life together again. Christmas will be special because you'll all be used to each other properly by then.
    Chocolates in every pocket? on your daughters bed?
    Wouldn't last 24 hours in our house...
    I see she has inherited your talent for art. Wow what a tree, it has everything, arms? star AND fairy!! x

    1. Hi Bee! She's been pretty good about the chocolates so far (early days) - though suppose she could secretly take the buttons out and put the tin foil back in the pockets....mmmm...
      I did ask her about the arms on the tree - she looked at me as if I was a bit mad, but can't remember what she said they were! Will ask in the morning and report back x

  3. That card made me laugh! So glad you are still "with us", and that you are gradually settling back into family life! You are a very trusting Mum too with that advent cushion, the chocolates would definitely all have been eaten in our house! :D