Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 73 - Running up the hill

"SQUEEZE those glutes!"  I swear I hear those words in my sleep.  I don't think I truly knew what they meant before.   But I do now.

And I think it's working? No more crippling pain from the weight training and I've moved up to the four kilo kettlebell.  I do find it hard to stay motivated watching an exercise DVD.  My mind keeps wandering. I know what the instructor is going to say before he says it and I know when the camera angles are going to change.  One minute I'm making up imaginary lives for the girls in his Kettlercise class, the next I'm thinking the ceiling could do with a lick of paint...  

But I need to stay focused because in a few weeks I'm seeing the lovely sister who gave me all the kit, so cheating is out of the question.

I have started running again too.  Or fast shuffling.  I never thought it would be something I'd want to do of my own free will, but I honestly miss it if I haven't been out for a while.  It's tough jogging around here because there is a steep hill in every direction.  But being up high means the views are something else.  I usually stick to a three mile route with the easiest climb.

I don't think the kind of running I do has ever had much effect on my shape, but it always makes me feel better.  Just moving a little faster than usual, out in the fresh air, can lift the weight off your shoulders for a bit.  It's good thinking time.  I've had all sorts of ideas out there and often come back in a more positive mood.  Everyone wins!

And my fitness regime seems to be rubbing off on the kids.  I found this in Note boy's room this morning...

Note boy's hard and easy exercise plan!

LOVE to know what goes on in his sweet little head!


  1. Oh I wish I could run,v jealous.

    I used to figure skate and horse ride for years and it took it's toll on my knee's so I've been told no running for me :-(

    I always struggle to stay focused during work outs too. I've just started alternating some work outs which is helping a bit :-)

  2. Honestly, what I do is more like fast walking! It's just great being out. The DVD's do get dull, but I'm going to keep at it for a while longer before it joins all the others on the shelf.