Thursday, 24 November 2011

Day 4 - Do's and Don'ts

It feels good writing day 4 - and there hasn't been too much talk about missing dad - I'm not really expecting major wobbles just yet because it's not unusual for him to be away.  They know what it's like.  They're just not used to him being away for so long.  The only difference I notice is that no one is sleeping well which is not good news!
Keeping busy definitely helps - the kitchen table is covered in lists.  Things I need to do, things I want to do - way too many things to be honest.  I seem to be going for the splatter gun approach - think I need to hone it down and give myself a chance.  

I wish people would stop telling me to watch the Military Wives' Choir on telly.  I know it's meant to be incredibly moving but it's very likely to set me off at the moment so best avoided for now!   Such a good idea though, to have something so positive and uplifting for wives and partners to focus on while their husbands' are away on tour.  I would do it in a heartbeat if I was given the chance.  I have GOT to stop singing the Smiths song from the John Lewis Christmas Ad - 'Please, please let me get what I want.." It's stuck in my head and it's driving me bonkers!  I love it but it makes me feel a little sad and the Ad is hard to avoid with my large telly appetite.

It is the weirdest thing, but I find when I'm anxious or feeling down I clean.  Odd I know, but for some reason it calms me down -  I think it's the one thing I can do quickly which helps me feel in control and less likely to crumble.  Or maybe I have OCD.  Whatever it is I started first thing on monday and the house looks fantastic!!

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