Sunday, 17 February 2019

Oink! the Pig - TP roll crafts for kids

Oink is very similar to Scamp the dog. I love the way they look like they're on the move! 
Made from a single toilet paper roll that's quickly transformed with a few careful cuts and folds, plus a little bit of glue.

You will need:
Toilet paper roll (about 10cm long)
Paint (white and red)
Craft glue
Paper clip or similar
Black felt tip or gel pen

1. Paint a toilet paper roll pink (plenty of white an a little red). Paint the inside too, at both ends, as well as a small piece of spare card (for a snout). 
When the paint is dry, lightly press the cardboard tube flat, but no need to press firmly along the creases. The creases are  mainly for guidance.

2. Line up the two creases you've just made in the middle, and press the tube flat again, but not too hard, so you end up with four evenly spaced, light creases.

3. While the tube's still flat, use a ruler and pencil to mark 2cms in from each end along the middle crease. Then use this mark as a guide to mark the two creases either side. And finally the one on the back.

4. Cut up to the marks, so you'll have four cuts at each end.

5.  For the legs, fold two opposite end flaps down, and cut a thin, long triangle from the middle of the flaps, to define the legs.

6. For the tail end, cut a top flap into three strips. Leave the middle one (for the tail) and bend the other two down.

7.  Fold the side flaps inwards, and glue them together. Use a paper clip or something similar to hold the card in place while the glue dries. Trim the card flaps if you need to, to neaten things up.

8. Roll the card tail between your fingers, from the end, right down to the pig's back, to make it curl.

9.  For the ears, fold the top flap at the other end, so it points up and cut out a triangle, from each corner to the middle of the flap.

10. For the face, fold the two remaining side flaps right back. 

11. Then fold each of these flaps in half and firmly press the creases.

Bend the flaps back towards each other.

12.  Glue the flaps on top of each other and use a paper clip to hold them in place while the glue dries. 

13. When the glue has set, you could draw on a snout and eyes straight away. Or, cut out a round snout from the spare piece of painted pink card, add nostrils and glue in place. Draw eyes either side with the black pen. Shorten the legs and bend the ears forward.

14. And Oink is ready to scamper off! 

Friday, 8 February 2019

Raining hearts - Valentine's craft for kids

There really is no end to what you can do with cardboard tubes! They're so amazingly versatile - just look at these little hearts. Made from slices of toilet paper rolls simply squeezed into shape. Very satisfying and quick to do, and perfect for Valentine's Day.

You will need:
Toilet paper rolls (or kitchen paper rolls)
String/yarn and a needle
White card (or painted cereal box card)
Sticking tape
Cotton wool (optional)

1. Choose colours for your hearts and start painting. Paint the inside as well as the outside of the tube. And if you're only making a few hearts in each colour, there's no need to paint the whole tube. (You could paint each end different colours if you only have a few tubes spare)

2. When the paint is dry, flatten the tubes with the palm of your hand and press along the two creases.

3. Cut across the flattened tubes, and make each slice roughly about a cm wide.

4. Cut a cloud shape from some white card or cereal box card (ours is about 28cm/11in. wide)

5. To make the heart shape, pinch one of the creases (see pic below) and push the other crease down, towards it, then give this crease a good pinch while you press the top part of the heart into shape with your fingers. Takes a bit of practice, but once you've got the hang of it you'll be making them in a flash.

*We have threaded our hearts together, which needs to be done by a grown up, but if you'd rather not do this, you could stick the hearts onto long strips of paper instead.*

6. We used some white yarn and a needle, and threaded it down through the middle of the heart at the top (leave a good tail to attach to the back of the cloud), and then through the point at the bottom. 

(Use modelling clay to push against, if you're finding it hard to make holes in the card)

We threaded three yellow, green, blue and orange hearts on separate strings and four red ones.

7. When you're finished, tie a knot below the bottom heart, and make sure your hearts are spaced out evenly along the yarn (remember to leave a good tail to stick behind the cloud) 

8. Use sticky tape to attach the threaded hearts to the back of the cloud. To help with spacing the strings evenly, stick down the ones at each end first (blue and green here), then stick the red hearts halfway between, before adding the other two either side.

9. Covering the cloud with cotton wool looks great too. Make sure you tease it out though, so it doesn't look too lumpy.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Paper roll posy for Valentine's Day - easy kids craft

toilet paper roll flowers

This hearty little flower craft is based on a similar one we made a while ago with tissue paper flowers. It's a great project because you can make a pretty posy quickly, with little fuss - all you need is a toilet paper tube and some coloured paper. I think they look a bit like tulips. It's great scissor practice too.

You'll need:
Toilet paper tube (or part of a kitchen paper tube)
Red paper (or colour of your choice)
Craft scissors
Glue stick/craft glue
Green paint (or mix blue and yellow)

1. Paint the outside of the tube green, plus as much of the inside as you can too (you will see the inside part when you cut the leaves).

2. Once the paint's dry, press the sides together near one end to make two creases. 

3. Then, line up the creases you've just made in the middle, and press the sides together again to make two more creases. So you end up with four evenly spaced creases (and the top of the tube looks more square).

4. Cut along these creases to about two thirds of the way down the tube. It doesn't matter if they're not exactly the same length.

5. To make the stems, cut down the tube, roughly1cm to the right of each of your original four cuts. Again, they don't need to be perfect, as long as they're roughly the same width, and thinner than the pieces of card between the stems (these are going to be the leaves).

5. Bend the four wider pieces out,  and cut them into a long, leafy triangle shapes (cut down from the middle to the bottom corners - see pic)

6. For the flowers, make a small heart template (roughly 4-5cm high), by folding a thin piece of card, drawing half a heart on the fold and cutting it out.

7. Draw around your heart on the coloured paper you've chosen. You will need 8 hearts.* You could make them two tone tulips, with two different colours.

*TIP: For younger makers or for a more speedy project, just cut out four hearts and glue them to the top of the stems. This looks lovely as it is.

8. For a more 3D heart tulip shape, snip half way down the middle of four of the hearts, dab some glue (or use a glue stick) on the top of the stems, and stick these four hearts in place, so the bottom of the cut is just above the end of the stem. Leave to dry.

9. When the glue has dried, cut half way up the other four hearts (from the point) and slot them on. We didn't bother gluing them, but you could dot a tiny bit of glue on the bottom of the slot, though think this could get a bit messy!

You could tie a bow around the bottom, to finish off your posy - or, pop it into a yogurt pot 'pot'. Stick pieces of wrapping paper on the pot to cover up any writing.