Easy Paper Houses

If you've got any colouring-in keenies, then these could be just the thing! They look lovely and are really quick and easy to make.

All you need is a sheet of paper, glue or sticky tape and a ruler. I used thickish coloured paper, but whatever you've got will do.

First, fold the sheet of paper in half lengthways.

Open again and fold in both outside edges, so they meet in the middle on the crease line.

Open again, turn, and fold both the top and bottom ends this time - so they measure the same as the lengthways folds you've just done.
I found the best way to do this, was to measure a lengthways one, then hold the ruler as I was folding the top and bottom ends, creasing when the fold was the right measurement.

Without turning, cut tabs along the 3 creases at the top and bottom ends, as far as the crossways folds.

Cut out doors, windows and chimneys if you want, on either of the long sides. Decorate your house when it's flat too.
When you're happy, stick the tabs that form the roof nice and snug with glue or sticky tape then the walls..

...checking it sits properly as you do it.

We had a Richard Scarry moment and drew rooms on the back as well.

From houses to shops....and before we knew it, a small village!