Thursday, 17 October 2019

Egg carton Mice

WHO ate all the CHEESE??!

These little egg carton mice are having a lovely time, and when the kids have finished playing with them, they can be packed away inside the big cheese for next time.

You will need:
2 Egg carton
Plain paper
Glue/glue stick
Black pen
Spare yarn (for tail)

1. First, roughly cut the middle cones away from the carton, so they're easier to work with.

2. Cut around the cone, above any cardboard joins to neaten up the edges so the cones sit flat. Don't worry if they're different sizes, it's nice to have a variety of mice.

3. Draw a pencil line across one side, about 1cm up from the bottom.
Cut up the two corners to the line, bend the flap out and cut it off.

4. Draw a sloped line from each corner to the lower one behind, and cut along the line. You will end up with a cone that sits forward. This is your mouse's body.

5. For the ears, simply use a paper heart! Fold a piece of plain paper over, and draw half a heart on the fold (keep in mind the size of your mouse, so you don't make the ears too big).

6. Cut the heart out, snipping the middle a little lower than you would normally, open up and glue behind the face.

7. You could paint the body and ears separately before sticking together, but we went for an all over body paint - just need to make sure not to overload the brush with paint, or the ears will get too soggy.

8. Once dry, paint on some pink..

... then use a black pen to draw eyes, a nose and whiskers. Try to draw the eyes up close to the ears, on the flattish top part of the cone,  and the nose and whiskers right underneath, also on the top part.

9. For the tail, snip a slot up the back of your mouse, cut a few cms of yarn and slot into place.

10. For the big cheese, snip the middle cones out of your second egg carton. Snip them off near the base if you can - this is a bit fiddly, but it means you can make two more little mice from the leftover cones.

Make holes in the carton lid with small sharp scissors, like nail scissors (keep closed, press down and twist from side to side) This needs to be done by an adult. Cut different sized holes, then let little ones loose with the yellow paint!

11. We folded a piece of kitchen paper inside our cheese, so they didn't fall through the holes.
And they've got something nice and soft to sleep on too... of course..


  1. Gorgeous! I'm going to try it

    1. That's so great to hear! Hope you enjoy making them. Thank you :)