Thursday, 26 January 2017

Make Your Own Farm Animals - kids' craft book

kids craft book

A bit of a ta-dah! moment as this is the cover of my new craft book! Hope you like it. Doesn't come out for a bit, but I was sent an advance copy the other day, and although I've been through the instructions and the pictures more times than I care to remember, my heart was beating like the clappers when I opened it. Felt a sort of mix of excitement and a touch of terror that maybe I'd missed something important. Hopefully not! Suddenly it all feels a bit real. Some days that's good, some days I just worry what people will think.

When I'm not whipping myself up into an anxious frenzy I do feel so pleased with how the book's turned out - it's colourful, fun and packed full of farm projects all made from stuff that's easy to get hold of - just like Make Your Own Zoo. All you need to do really, is hang onto some recycling, and build up a small collection of egg boxes, cardboard tubes and cereal packets. Nearly everything in the book can be made from these three very ordinary bits of packaging.

Obviously the book's themed again like the last one, and everything works together, so you can keep adding to your farm, and it can all be played with after.

Make your own farm animals

I am proud of it, especially as there was a pretty quick turn around - less than a year. I came up with most of the projects over the summer, which wasn't always so easy as the kids were expecting to be entertained too. But actually they helped develop some of the ideas - I was a bit stuck on what to use for the bull's nose ring and my daughter cracked that one.

You'll find all the animals you'd expect on a farm, like cows, sheep, hens, pigs etc, and I made more buildings this time, as well as a tractor that took FOREVER, because I was absolutely determined to get it right.

My books are aimed at primary school aged children, to help keep that interest in craft and creating alive, especially now there are so many other distractions. And the projects really are great for grown ups and kids to make together. That precious time is harder to keep hold of these days too.

Make Your Own Farm Animals is out on the 14th March, but can be pre-ordered on Amazon now.


  1. Congratulations exciting! Love the new look blog.

    1. Thanks Fiona! Amazed I managed to change the banner, now just have to work out how to add the social media buttons.... x

  2. Congratulations! It looks really fabulous! :) xx