Thursday, 21 April 2016

Moth Menace (Tineola bisselliella)

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Small with shiny, dusty wings, moths look completely harmless,
but if they find your woolies drawer, they'll leave your jumpers armless.

What's worse the little blighters seem to have discerning taste,
so it's not the chunky hand knits that's their favourite nesting place,
No, it's cashmere that's the yarn of choice, CASHMERE if you please!
and when I shook mine out last week it looked like holey cheese.

That wasn't all, they'd had a ball! Made me feel quite queasy,
so I googled how to shift them.

Turns out it isn't easy.

Moth Balls work though not just moths who think the things are lethal,
what's the point in using them if all your clothes smell evil?

But we were well past the prevention stage; way too late, for sure;
can't hot wash my best jumpers, I need another cure.

So I stick them in the freezer, a few items at a time,
and pray it kills the pesky eggs and larva in its prime.

Then I buy a cotton zip-up bag to fill my woolies drawer
and every time it's opened there's a waft of lavender.

Now I smell like Yardley's soap, and finding jumpers is a bore,
But moths I've got your number,
touch my cashmere and it's WAR.

(And if you doubt me at all
just count the smudges on the wall...)


  1. What a great poem. I love the fact that you recount the attempts to get rid of the pesky things - I can hear the frustration coming through. And it is always the best clothes they go for. And the 'smudges on the wall' line made me smile :) #Prose4T

  2. Ha! I've only had a problem with them once, and I was devastated to lose a couple of favourite jumpers! #prose4t

  3. Brilliant! They've had a go at a lambswool jumper of great loss as it was a 50p chazza bargain but I must take steps to protect my new cashmere cardi. Xx

    1. You must! Really depressing when they get a good one. Recommend you put any wooly chazza buys in the freezer first. Could be bringing home more than just a bargain... xx

  4. Absolutely brilliant poem and well done on your persistence in fighting them off of your best cashmere!

  5. We suffered these pesky things in a house we had in London years ago. I think they lived in the wool carpet in the downstairs loo when we moved in. Took ages to get rid of them. I remember getting these wooden stick things from Muji, they worked a treat. Loved your poem! Brilliant! :D x

  6. Thankfully I have never had this issue! What a complete and utter nightmare - and brilliantly written too. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought - and sorry for my delay xx