Saturday, 18 April 2015

Paper primrose posy

There was a steep, grassy bank near our house when I was little. It was a great thinking spot - sitting up high, looking out over the garden, and in early Spring it was covered in primroses - a soft, delicate blanket of yellow. Anytime I see them now it takes me right back. So, these paper primroses are a nod to my wildflower bank, where I got lost in big, happy dreams.

They’re based on the paper daisy folding technique - though a little different because the petals are sort of heart shaped.

You will need:
yellow and green paper or plain paper to paint
sheet of newspaper
small plastic flower pot or yogurt pot
yellow and orange paint
PVA craft glue
Two small bottles or pots, for circle templates. One a little bigger than the other (for leaves).

If you have a small plastic flower pot, then that’s perfect - we didn’t, so I rubbed some sandpaper over a yogurt pot to take the sheen off, and painted it with multi-surface primer the night before. 

Make up some terracotta coloured paint using ready-mixed poster or acrylic paints. 

Mix red and yellow together and add just a little blue - then a good amount of white until you’re happy with the colour. I find adding white helps cover shiny, awkward surfaces like this - it works a treat on the outside of cereal box card too.

While the paint is drying, draw round the smaller circle template (we used a spice jar) for your primrose, and cut it out.

Fold the circle in half, then half again.

Draw a straight line up from the tip to the top, and make a mark halfway along the line.
Draw another line passing through this point from side to side, making a cross.

Then draw the rounded top part of a petal, from the point where the lines cross, curved up to the top and back down to the end of the line on both sides (like the top of a heart).  Keep them even.

Carefully cut round the petal tips with small scissors and when you’re happy, open up your primrose.

To make the flower centre, put a small dab of orange in the middle, and two short, thick strokes of yellow, touching the orange, under it.
Fold the flower in half, gently pressing the sides together.

Open, then put two tiny dabs of orange below the yellow and fold and press again. They’ll all have their own look which is perfect.

To make the leaves, draw round your larger circle template and cut it out.

Fold this in half, then half again.

About a cm up from the tip, draw a line straight across and mark a halfway point.

Draw a curved half leaf shape from this point to a top corner and repeat on the other side, so both look alike.

Cut carefully around the leaf tops and open up.

Put a dab of glue on the back of a flower and stick it onto a leaf. Make about 10 or 12.

Scrunch up the sheet of newspaper and stick it into the flower or yogurt pot, making sure a decent amount of it sits proud in a good mound shape.

Glue on your primroses

and overlap them, as that’s the way they like to be - bunched up close together.


  1. What a lovely idea...great for the kids to give to Nan or their teacher. Your 'terracotta' pots are very realistic.

    1. Thanks Fiona - would be great for grandparents, shame they live so far away…They've been spared a mountain of cardboard/paper crafts over the years!

  2. These are so cheerful! I miss seeing the primroses.

    1. There is something cheery and reassuring about seeing them dotted along roadsides - I'm sure there are some beautiful wildflowers where you are too. Thank you Marilyn.

  3. So sweet! Always seems a shame to pick the wild ones, bet these last much much longer too! :)

    1. That's true! We have an abundance of paper posies at the moment! Thanks Emma :)