Sunday, 28 December 2014

'Present' Danger

I came across this when I was clearing out my half finished posts from ages back - a timely find really, but feel sort of mean, because I got brilliant Christmas presents this year... 

'Hope you like it!' he says and I smile politely,
(thinking that's going to be very unlikely),
and bless him, because I know he tries,
but when it comes to clothes they're never my size...
Jewellery's dodgy,
music's okay,
though I'm more Stereophonics
and he likes Doris Day.

I open my present. There's a torch inside.
'You just wind it with the handle.'
I almost cried
'So useful sweetheart, hope you like yours',
it's Rick Stein's India,
there's a pregnant pause...

'Wow…that looks just great…' He never cooks.
But he does like spice
and he does like books.

He starts fiddling with the torch and I flick through Rick Stein,
everyone's happy, it's all turned out fine.

So, I buy what I want, it's simply stress free
when a gift's from me
to you
to me.


  1. You made me smile. My husband and I don't "gift" anymore ( or any less than 35 years ago!). When we need or want something we just buy it (but we agree on the purchase). Not very romantic or exciting, but never many regrets. Have a Happy New Year! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. You too Linda! The poem's just a bit of silliness, we do what I think most couples do and say/hint what we want….but usually buy him a few bits and bobs (often food related) that are, if I'm honest, mainly for me :)

  2. My husband's gifts are always perfume or some sort of very feminine accessory like a pink fluffy scarf (???). I think most men have never felt any pressure to hone their gift-choosing skills, the way women have. :)

    1. that's so true! Suppose they don't get much of a look in though (which probably suits fine) Woman have always done most of the present buying...maybe we've only ourselves to blame?? I know I moan every year about sorting out all the presents for his family and mine - but truthfully I'd be horrified if he announced he was going to do it!

  3. I did giggle at your poem, Tracey - brilliant! I email my husband a specific list, complete with clickable links, which may remove the surprise element, but ensures I get something I actually want! Happy New Year to you and yours :)

    1. and to you Caroline! Impressed with clickable links! :)

  4. This was fun and very true. We did ‘stockings' this year with little gifts because we had family here. Funnily enough Rick Stein made his way over here too - but was Spain not India.

    1. Lovely! Don't have that book, but remember watching his Spanish trip on TV…just made me want to go!

  5. Very funny! :D In Denmark they have "wish-lists" each year where they tell people what they want! A good idea I reckon! Happy New Year! Emma :)

  6. Missing your blogposts. Hope all is well with you. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. I'm really touched Linda, thanks for your message - I've been totally useless! Things have been quite hectic, but in a good way! x