Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Easter egg box flowers for Mother's Day

My little spring posy is based on the roses I made a couple of weeks ago. Egg boxes are great for flowers, and I was thinking this simple arrangement might come in handy with Mother's Day around the corner?

So, if you fancy flowers, you'll need some egg boxes, pipe cleaners (yellow and green), coloured tissue paper, paint, glue, a yogurt pot and a lump of plasticine.

Cut out a few egg cups for the daffodils and keep the edges nice and wavy - makes it look more like petals.

Cut some middle cones out too for the crocus/bluebell shaped flower (seems to be a sort of cross between the two!) - use the corners for the petal tips and join by drawing a triangle on each side, like the picture above…

Paint them purple and the daffs a sunny yellow.

Pierce a hole through the bottom of the bells and the middle of the daffs and push a piece of pipe cleaner through (roughly 10cm/4in.) Bend it over to hold in place - try to keep it nice and flat for the daffs (so it's easier to stick the tissue paper centres here later).

With the bells I used a longer piece of yellow pipe cleaner and pulled more of it through for the flower stamen, and then folded it over.

To finish off the daffs, fold a piece of orange or yellow tissue paper (about 10x10cm/4x4in.) until it's a 2cm/3/4in. wide strip - you don't want it sitting too high above the edge of the egg cup - then roll up tightly.

Let them unfurl a bit, glue the end edge down. Brush glue inside the egg cups (and over the pipe cleaner middle) and stick the tissue paper centres in place.

For the daisies, cut a 1cm/1/2in. strip of white paper and snip into 6cm/21/2in. pieces. Fold them in half and round off the ends.

Open up and use the middle fold to arrange three evenly on top of each other, so it looks daisy-like.

Glue together and when dry, carefully make a hole (with nail scissors), big enough for a pipe cleaner. This is best done by an adult - put the daisy shape on top of a piece of plasticine (modelling clay) so you have something to push against - keep the scissors closed, press down in the middle and twist from side to side. Wind the pipe clearner around a few times for a fuller centre.

We cut some long leaves out of tissue paper and stuck them on too - the easiest way to do this is to wrap them around the stalks.

Arrange your blooms in a piece of old plasticine (modelling clay) - one of those mashed up multi-coloured bits…(make sure you warm it up a bit first, so the stalks go in)

Cut a strip of wrapping paper to decorate your pot - make sure it goes round with plenty to spare (about 1 and a half times), then cut into about 3 or 4 pieces - so much easier to glue on neatly like this! Overlap each piece.
You could tie a ribbon around instead.

Pop in your flowers.


  1. How lovely... I am bookmarking this and leaving this page open... Mr R did mumble something about me having Mother's Day on the German Mother's Day this year to the kids. I think not! :D

    1. Just right too!! If they do make you one, let me know how it goes! x

  2. That's great - really effective. Love the daffodils! X

  3. These are lovely, so colourful! I've tried in the past to make daffodils from egg cartons and not succeeded, you've managed it perfectly!

  4. What a great craft to do with the children

  5. These are gorgeous..... (ps. #oneweek spring is going to be 19-21 May). X

  6. How cute! I love things that are made of recycled materials!