Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sparkly Christmas decorations

You can't do kids Christmas craft without a bit of sparkle. 'Tis the season to embrace your glittery side… your glittery table...and your glittery floor…. and frankly I could do with a sprinkle of Christmas twinkle, because even though my three are practically hyperventilating with excitement, all I can think about at the moment is the mountain of stuff I haven't done.

But I made myself sit down with the youngest to have a go at a few decorations, and these were her favourites. Very simple to do - all you need is a yogurt pot (any size), some tinsel, paper, glitter, glue and thread.

Cut the rim off your pot - cut down about a cm or so from the top and then cut all the way around (don't worry if it doesn't look very even as it'll be hidden under the tinsel), then wrap the tinsel around the ring (a piece with shorter, sparkly bits is best)
Tie a knot when you're finished and cut to neaten off.

For the angel, use a cup about the same size as the yogurt pot to draw a circle on some plain paper, cut it out, snip in half and make a cone shape.

Use the other half of the circle for the arms, making them wider at the ends (see pic)

The angel is very similar to the figures I made for our Nativity scene last year.

If you haven't got coloured paper just colour some in. My daughter chose yellow for the hair - put a pink piece on top of whatever colour you like, draw a head shape and cut out the two circles.

Stick these two pieces together and use it as a guide to draw the hair. Cut out the middle so there's a space for the face and glue on.

I had some gold wrapping paper for the wings, but anything shiny will do - metallic pens, glitter, tin foil even. Fold a small piece and draw half a wing, open up and stick in place.

Now your angel is ready to be glued onto the tinsel.
Finally, tie a loop of thread through the circle.

A Christmas tree also looks good - draw half a tree on a folded piece of paper, cut out and add some glitter.

For baubles, scrunch up little bits of coloured tin foil (great excuse to eat Christmas chocolates!) and the star on top of the tree came from a redundant Rewards Chart…

Or you could try a star, and if you don't have a good stencil, then make one of these Easy Stars and add some glitter.

Bells, or snowmen would work well too, or just anything you fancy!


  1. Very pretty, Tracey. I like home-made Xmas decs the best. I've kept every single one my daughter has made! I know!! xx

    1. Wow Loo! I've been a bit ruthless over the years with the glitter covered stuff they've brought home from school. Shame really. Should have held onto more of it xx

  2. Super duper, simple and very pretty. Definitley Christmas sparkle in those decorations :-)

  3. Oh they are lovely, I've pinned to my Christmas crafts board! Our house is covered in glitter at the moment, both crafting here and various bits brought back from nursery and school, I'm trying to embrace it!

    1. it does get everywhere. Made the mistake of emptying out my daughter's school bag the other day - might as well have tipped a pot of glitter on the floor! But no longer mind my twinkly carpet. Really pleased you like the decorations and thanks so much for pinning :)

  4. They are so sweet! My two would love to make those! :)