Thursday, 3 October 2013

What you don't know....

The other day my daughter pulled two grubby old jumpers out of the cat's outside bed and waved them at me, 'You could make bunnies out of these mummy!'
Now, there was a part of me thinking 'that's my girl', obviously my fiendish recycling is rubbing off on her; but the other part was wondering if this really was a step too far. Even for me. I mean there were minging beyond belief, and so thick with hair and dirt they could stand up on their own.
Best to leave them be?
But, you see, there was something else, something that stopped me putting these woollies straight back. They were cashmere. Oh yes, our cat is one spoilt missus. She's spent the last two years sleeping on an old cashmere cardy of mine (loved so much and worn till it fell apart), and an exceptionally holey jumper belonging to my husband. All his jumpers seem to have holes.
They were too far gone to mend, and there was no way I was just going to bin them, but couldn't think what else to do, apart from cosying up the cat's bed.
I've other ideas now though. I reckon a cashmere rabbit has got to be worth a bit more....and I'm trying to build up stock for my first Christmas Fair.

You know where this is going, don't you.

So I brushed them and bashed them and washed them on a hot wash. Twice. This felted the wool nicely; then I brushed them some more, before putting them in a bag in the freezer for a day. Just because really.
Finally I got the sewing machine out.

So there you have it. Cashmere rabbits that have lived a pretty full life already. But no one needs to they...

and I don't think Humbug's bothered....or is she giving me a Look?


  1. What super soft rabbits, but think I am missing something about the freezer.

    1. remember someone telling me that putting woollies in the freezer killed off moth eggs, and possibly other nasties too, so thought I might as well be thorough....not that anything's likely to have survived two hot washes..Glad you like the bunnies :)

  2. What a great way to reuse old jumpers :-)

    1. Thanks Gina! Do look at old jumpers with a little more interest now :)

  3. Perfect upcycling! They are gorgeous! :)

  4. Replies
    1. she really is a sweetie, even managed to win round my husband who's never been a cat fan!