Monday, 8 July 2013

Egg carton penguins

penguin craft

Apparently there are a few homemade Zoos on the go now, which is just brilliant! Though it does mean the pressure's on to come up with some new ideas.  Luckily I've been saving the penguins - and do you know, they're probably my favourites so far. SO quick and easy.

You'll need:
Egg carton
Small piece of cereal box card
Lid from a large tub of ice-cream
PVA/craft glue
Paint (black, white, yellow)
Fine black felt-tip or gel pen
Nail scissors (straight-edged or similar)
(Adult supervision/help needed with cutting and hole making)

The penguins are made from the long pointy cone bits in the box that protect the eggs. Some cartons don't have them but plenty do. How easy is that?

*If your cones have holes in the top, dab some glue inside the top of the cone and then push a small piece of newspaper up, to block the hole.*

First, roughly cut out as much of the middle cones as you can - this makes them easier to work with. Then, with a pencil, mark points 4cm from the top, around the cone. Join the points with a line and carefully cut up from the bottom and along this line. Spending a minute or two measuring stops you ending up with a wobbly penguin! (4cm is just a guide - make yours bigger or smaller if you want)

Paint one side white - and cut out and paint a few of the egg cups and the box lid too (for the icebergs)

REMEMBER to also paint a small piece of cereal box card yellow for beaks and feet (say 10cmx10cm).

Once the paint's dry it's time for the black. I found a quick outline with a black pen or pencil on the penguin's front helped. She's pretty neat, my 6 year old, but there mightn't have been so much white left if we'd gone completely freestyle!

TIP: Put your penguin on a spare egg carton cone to make it easier to paint (and less messy!)

Dot on eyes with a black pen.

For the beak, either paint or draw one on, or cut a thin strip from the yellow painted cereal box card. Snip the end into a 'V' and cut off the top cm or so (see picture below).

Draw a short line under the eyes. Use the nail scissors to pierce a hole on the line (keep them closed, press down and twist a little from side to side). Snip along the slot and wiggle the scissors in and out a bit to make it easier to thread the beak through.

Cut two long, thin triangles for feet. Stick the pointy bit underneath the front, and leave your penguin lying on its back until the glue is dry. Then bend them into place.

For their icy, arctic scene, paint a piece of cereal box blue, and cut it to fit the ice-cream lid.

Next, make your iceberg arrangement.
We used part of the egg box lid for a base, then cut the egg cups so they were all different sizes.

Stick the cups on top/in front/in the water - where ever you like really, before sploshing on another thick coat of white to fill any gaps.

One of our penguins has lost his head and gone for a dip...

I've had a request for monkeys and a whale... need to think about the whale, but I've a sort of plan for monkeys, so they'll be next!

Anything else you'd like to see in the Zoo? Within reason, obviously!

Penguin craft for kids

Many more projects like this in my craft books, 'Make Your Own Zoo' and 'Make Your Own Farm Animals'


  1. So cute! Of to share on G+ and FB!

  2. These are so cute. I pinned this post.

  3. I love these! With perfect timing I recently wrote a post with a round up of penguin crafts and so I have added yours in! You can find it here

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I'll definitely pop over for a look :)

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  5. omg so need to do this jess loves penguins!! will pin! x

  6. I just adore penguins and learning about them. This week I posted 101+ activities and crafts to do with a penguin theme and included a link back to this post. It was sooo cute. I hope our readers stop by and visit your site! Thank you for inspiring others to craft, learn, and connect with their children.

  7. You are so clever! Looking forward to what you come up with next. Can we do requests? :D xx

  8. Those are soo cute! My class is called Penguin Class so we'll definitely be having a go at these sometime this term!

  9. brilliant ,I always look for things I can recycle

  10. These are so cute! I love how you've made the iceberg and pool too!

    1. Thanks Jen, always like making homes for our zoo animals and birds - more fun to play with!

  11. These are adorable, I have been transfixed reading the details in the step by step guide. I adore Penguins, I've even looked into having them at Coombe Mill and had to make do with a black and white cat called Penguin instead! These are a must for a future Activity Hour here, the children will love the challenge. Thank you for sharing with me on "Trash 2 Treasure" and joining my first months link up.

    1. So glad you like them Fiona! I've really enjoyed coming up with new ideas for the Zoo. The penguins plus loads of other similar projects are in my book, 'Make your own Zoo' which is published mid August. It's available to pre-order from Amazon now if anyone's interested - or there's a link on the right hand side bar of the blog x

  12. They are so cute and simple, love it x #Trash2Treasure

  13. Absolutely love the penguins. Always wondered what to do with those pointy bits in egg boxes. Now I know! Thanks for sharing

  14. Me and my son found this absolutely brilliant. As others have noted we were struggling to find something to make out of 8 eggs cartons and 40 kitchen/toilet rolls...
    Thank You

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment - it's fantastic getting feedback and I'm so glad you've enjoyed making these with you son :)