Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bumbling along together - The Gallery

I love this picture of my daughter with her little ballet pals all colouring away, like busy bees around a honey pot.
The girls were waiting to dance in their annual performance - and what a performance it was: over a hundred children happily bouncing about in their colourful costumes: I've already posted a photo of the bumble bees about to buzz on stage.

As it was such a big show, there was a fair amount of hanging around, and just a handful of parents to keep the kids entertained. All I can say is thank goodness for a colouring-in book and a pencil case full of felt-tips. It may be classic stereotyping, but it did the trick. For a fleeting moment I remember thinking about my boys, and wondering what we'd have done to keep a gang of 4/5 year old lads quiet for a whole hour.

Seeing her with her friends also reminds me of a chat I had with the 8 year old in the car the other day. He told me he was going to ask his best mate for some money so he could buy a much-longed for computer game - I told him he really couldn't do that.
'Why not?'
'Well, you can't just ask for money, it's not very nice, and that's how you lose friends.'
All of a sudden my daughter piped up from the back,
'I'm never EVER going to lose any friends mummy,
and if I do I've got some spare ones.'

May she always have a case full of colours and plenty of spare friends..

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  1. This is such a lovely picture of together xx

  2. Amazing costumes, they definitely look like busy bees! Love the comment too about having spare friends hehe x

  3. So sweet. Love the comment about friends, she is very wise! :D

  4. Those bees are so cute!! Its lovely how they already know how to treat friends :)

  5. Lovely photo! The 'girl' has a very wise outlook on life! x

  6. Lovely photo! Love what your daughter said about friends!

  7. That's a lovely picture of them altogether, and I love that she has 'spare friends' - that made me laugh!

  8. Oh wise daughter! Out of the mouths and all that. Lovely picture.