Friday, 29 March 2013

Shiny Happy Easter Craft

One of my most popular craft ideas ever, because it involved eating a bag of these..

Obviously there'll be mountains of them being munched over the weekend, so thought I'd post this now in case you fancy a go, and want to salvage some foil before it gets ripped to shreds and ends up in the bin...or sprinkled about the place like tiny shiny bits of confetti that you'll be hoovering up for weeks..

The trickiest bit is getting the foil wrapping off in one piece..or even two. Then you just need to decide what to decorate. We went for a butterfly and a dragonfly. I drew half the shape on a folded piece of cereal packet - cut out and open up.

We flattened our bits of foil and cut them into strips and squares. A glue stick worked best - the foil can be fiddly and sticks to fingers with over enthusiastic gluing!
My daughter spread some on the cardboard first before sticking down the pieces she wanted for her foil decoupage.

Very impressed how she mirrored the pattern on the wings.

It really doesn't matter if bits hand over the edge because they can be tucked neatly around the back.

Turns out we needed more coloured foil than I bargained for, so had to break into another Easter egg... shucks hey? I think this is what you call craft with benefits.

Please excuse blatant advertising! We used every decent sized scrap we had..

A pipe cleaner taped to the back makes good butterfly antennae and we added a few more shiny bits.
You could make smaller ones and attach them to plant sticks - they'd look good fluttering above a herb pot.

I think there's a very strong chance we'll be making more next week!

Hope you have a lovely Easter.

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  1. We did something like this last year using our candy wrappers to decorate a paper egg. But your butterfly and dragonfly are much more beautiful! Great work, Mama!!

    1. Thanks so much! The shiny foil would look fab on a paper egg, think we'll try something like that next :)

  2. Lovely idea! I've been saving the gold foil from my Green and Blacks (which I don't eat often). It's the primary school teacher in me. I'll be adding to them now for when the grandchildren visit.

    1. hope they enjoy it! We've another pile of foil, though not that big considering the number of eggs eaten over the last few days!

  3. Very creative, and very pretty too! Hope you had a lovely Easter! Emma x