Sunday, 16 December 2012

Simple paper stars

I was having all kinds of trouble trying to cut out a cardboard star. I'd practically used a whole cereal packet and it wasn't going well. My daughter watched quietly as I got increasingly frustrated,

'They're all a bit wonky mummy...'

And I had to agree (through slightly clenched teeth) - they weren't great. Where's a star stencil when you need one?

But then I remembered seeing how to make a paper star in an old 70's craft book I found in a charity shop.

So, I dug it out, and everyone had a go at making them, and once we'd got the knack, we were churning out paper stars of all sizes and colours. They're extremely quick and easy....just need to think of something to do with them all now!

simple paper stars
Take a square piece of paper of any size

Fold it in half

Fold it in half again

Keep the folded point towards you and fold again

Still with the point towards you, fold once more.

Now cut off the point on a slant. It's worth experimenting a bit, because the sharper the angle, the pointer the star.

Back to the cardboard one that got us into star mode in the first place...there was just enough cereal packet left, so we stuck a christmas wrapping paper star onto the card and cut around it.
MUCH better!


  1. How cool is that! Who figured that one out, I wonder?

    1. Isn't it great? I got really excited about them. Paper magic :)