Friday, 5 October 2012

Day 328 - Dear Tooth Fairy....

Good try, note boy...think he was angling for some special treatment, but the Tooth Fairy isn't so easily swayed...

I did smile though, when I found it lying outside my seven year old's room. Not smiling so much when I had to search for his tooth. Usually it goes in a TF-friendly little box, but this time he'd insisted on putting it under his pillow. Thankfully he didn't stir as I felt around on the sheet.

I found some lego, 2p and an elastic band.

And just as I was starting to get a little desperate, my hand brushed over the small, sharp tooth.

I added it to my growing collection in a dark cupboard corner, and then wrote a teeny tiny card in my best teeny tiny writing, wishing my husband was home, because he has the smallest handwriting known to man.

Always an early start the morning after the Tooth Fairy visits.
He galloped into my room, waving the pound and the card in the air, 'LOOK Mummy, LOOOOK!'

I love that joyful burst of pure excitement when they still believe. And I want to remember this one, because I know my note days are numbered.


  1. ah - another tooth fairy moment. Love what you found under the pillow before the tooth!

  2. I know he plays at night when I've disappeared down stairs, and there's usually stuff in his bed. Always think it must be uncomfortable sleeping on bits of lego and toy cars, but it doesn't seem to bother him!