Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day 199 - Home again, home again....

Jiggety jig. Always a bit of a trek to get back: long queues at the flight check-in, and at security, and then I had to queue again with all the other forgetful eejits waiting to have bags re-checked, because I'd left a tube of UHU glue in my hand luggage.
But it has been a half-term and a half. 
I do feel tired, but definitely not down.
It was so good having him back with us for three days.  I know it meant such a lot to his mum as well, and she really seems to be on mend now.
The time flew by: it was a bit of a whirlwind, but a very uplifting one. Even the unrelenting rain and grey gloom couldn't change that.
I didn't allow myself to feel too sad when he left - as I've said before, it was an unexpected bonus, and the kids have also just picked up where they left off.
His fleeting visit already feels like a bit of a dream, but one that's left me feeling quite focussed on the next few months which I'm happy about, because I know I've let things slip.
I am very good at starting stuff, and not so hot at seeing it through. Exercise is a perfect example: the kettle bell workouts I was doing a few times a week have dwindled to a big fat zero and slinked down the side of my blog; I haven't been running for ages; and after six months my 'comfort eating' excuse is wearing thin.
Being away from home for a spell does help to concentrate the mind though - or maybe it was spending time with my two slim, fit younger sisters who are both studying to be personal trainers. Yes, BOTH of them, can you believe it? Part of me feels inspired, the other part wants to hide in a corner with a bag of Doritos.

Anyway I had a good long think about it all on the way back home and I am going to take a leaf out of their book and try harder. I have some extra motivation to get into better shape too, because I've decided  to take the kids to France in the summer holidays, and quite honestly I don't want to feel like a flump when I'm there.
Time to put the batteries back in the bathroom scales.


  1. Oh I am trying harder too. We are going to a wedding in September and as part of a clear out I was trying on a couple of dresses, either one of which would be suitable, but just too tight. The diet started today, and I am trying hard not to start rifling through the kitchen in search of treats...

    1. There are some things I've just got to stop buying! Late night grazing is my problem, and my summer clothes aren't as comfortable as they used to be (not that they've been out much)... But I feel quite fired up to be good this time !

  2. Good for you. What an incredibly positive post. What i don't understand is how you managed to 'have a good long think' when you are travelling with 3 kids. Focusing on excercise and healthy eating sounds like a brilliant idea. Like I said. Good for you!!

    1. I sort of feel if I write it down it'll make me try harder? We shall see!
      With the travelling, I've got quite good at zoning out of what's going on in the back of the car - very useful and keeps me sane l - doesn't always work though :)

  3. I'm also trying harder I've got half a stone to loose to get to pre pregnancy and 1 stone to go till before I'm really happy.
    Good luck to you, and well done on staying positive, you're inspiriting

    1. Good luck to you too and thanks for your comment :) I'd stopped weighing myself, but facing up to it now - just hope I can stick to the plan this time !