Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 169 - One for sorrow, two for joy...

...three for a girl,  
my little girl in this case...

My little magpie
loves sparkly, twinkly things,
keeps them in a secret place,
beads and coins and rings.

My little magpie,
always very quick:
sees a penny, picks it up,
doesn't miss a trick.

My little magpie,
sharp and bold and clever:
knows just when I need a smile,
shines bright as any treasure.


  1. That's a beautiful poem - did you write it?

  2. Oh thanks Ginger - I've been writing a little bit of poetry recently, not sure why, it just sort of happened! x

  3. tried to comment on this yesterday but blogger had a 'moment'. I loved this poem. Your little magpie and my Pink sound very similar.

  4. So pleased you liked it! Really appreciate your comment.

  5. How very gorgeous! It's not always the girls that are so savvy to pick up the shiny coins ;) Thanks for linking up :)