Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Gallery: Action

Pedal power!

A special moment last week...the stabilizers came off and after a morning of wobbly attempts, she got it!  
When I look at this photo, I can hear her squeals of delight - she was one happy bunny.
The best bit was her dad was there to see it. And he's a lot more patient than me.....
We had smiling, steering and no pedalling: smiling, peddling and no steering.  We also had a few of minor tumbles, hence the grassy route. 
But she was so determined. 
I love that about her.  
I also love that she learnt to ride a bike in her velvet dress. My girl doesn't do trousers. Sometimes I can't believe she's my daughter.
Now we need to find a bike with a bit more style....
Watching her, hurtling along (not necessarily in the direction she planned) there was an ever so tiny flicker of sadness, because she's my baby, and it was one of those moments when it hit me just how fast she's growing up. 
Another step along the path: another milestone passed.

This week's Gallery theme is Action.
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  1. Lovely! Her dress is great too - sounds like my daughter - skirts and dresses all the way: no idea how she turned out like that, either!

  2. Does make me wonder - she has two brothers and a permanently jean-clad mum! But I'm quite glad one of us makes an effort :)

  3. I love that she did it in her velvet dress, that is fab :-)
    I am a bit 'girly' for want of a better word. In that I like faffing with my hair, make up, clothes etc. My 2 eldest daughters roll their eyes at me and have/will only ever do jeans or leggings. My youngest however acts like one of her brothers playing bakugan & running around being pokemon...but all while dressed as Tinkabell or Ariel or in the frilliest item she can find haha.

    A lovely post, you did bring a tear to my eye with your last sentance, can empathize with that sentiment xxx

  4. Thanks Jo - I'm just so pleased I got a photo of it! x