Monday, 27 February 2012

Twelve pound Charity Challenge - done and dusted!

Amazingly it hasn't been that bad!  
Living off £12 for a week sounds mad, but we've done it, 
and it really has made me stop and think.

I had got into the habit of last minute meals.  It would get to 4 o'clock:  
"What's for tea mummy?"
"..ermmm, something lovely..!" [hopefully opens fridge door]
But last week I was one step ahead - and it felt good.  So more planning needed I think!  I'm going to try to go shopping with a proper list, avoid going when I'm hungry, which is lethal - and  think more carefully about what I put in my trolley.

The kids were running out of steam by the weekend.  The grumbling had definitely kicked in.  When they get bored they ask for food, so I took them cycling in the Forest of Dean to distract them, with the added bonus that it wore them out!  
Yesterday we had pasta with the last of the chicken in a creamy sauce (butter, flour, splash of milk, water and half a stock cube, taste of mustard and a spoonful of cream cheese) which I'd frozen - and baked beans and cider bread for tea.  The last of the muffins too.

I know I have more planning and cooking time on my hands because I'm not working, but a part from the bread and pizza dough, nothing I made last week took longer than 10 minutes to prepare.  I am an impatient cook!

The small amount of fruit and veg has been a struggle; still we scrapped through and it's fired up my enthusiasm to grow our own.
On the plus side, the kids are drinking water and have stopped asking for juice,
I got them to eat soup and my fussy eater ate potatoes (even if he didn't know it!),
there haven't been any biscuits or crisps in the house (sadly temporary - 1 against 3),  
I rediscovered muffins and would have faced a mutiny without them,
cider bread! - who'd have thought it?
I actually quite like cream crackers.

Last, but definitely not least, there's a cheque in the post for the Rifles "Care for Casualties" Appeal.  And you know what, I'd do it again!


  1. Haven't had much time near the laptop these past few day's but I'm just having a quick 5 min coffee break now and have loved catching up with your post's (You've made me want to have a go at making cider bread now too :-) ).
    Sound's like you've done amazingly well and for an extremely worth while cause too :-)

  2. You did it! Congratulations and well done! xxx

  3. Thank you! Quite enjoying a week without carrots x

  4. I have really enjoyed reading your recipes - definitely going to try the cider bread! Well done and for such a great cause.