Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 67 - Birthday Party confessions

"Where am I having my Birthday party mummy?"

I have a small panicky moment.  I can't really tell him that because his Birthday is quite close to Christmas it has kind of crept up on me.  I haven't forgotten it, I'm not that useless!  But I haven't got my act together about the party.

"Well, there are quite a few options sweetheart......What would you like to do?

Just as I'm about to go into a flat spin, my prayers are answered by a school friend's mum, who rings to see if I'd like to hook up and have a joint party at a local soft play area.  I wanted to hug and kiss her.  She had already booked it, sorted out the food and was happy to do all the invites.  Can't believe my luck!

The only thing I hadn't taken into account was the fact that she is related to practically everyone in our village, so we've had over 30 yes's so far.....

I don't know how you feel, but big parties raise a few issues that I've never properly got to grips with.  A joint party and thirty plus kids means a lot of presents.  A lot of presents my son doesn't  need.  And it's very expensive for parents, especially when there are two birthday boys.  It has crossed my mind a number of times to tell people not to bother.  But this isn't just my son's party and would it scar him for life if he had a party without presents?  I have one great friend whose mum asked parents to give a charity donation instead.  She has never forgotten it.  

There is another party issue, possibly political, that I'd like to raise.  Is it very bad to admit to present editing and recycling?  You know, those presents given to your children that mysteriously disappear (often into a big dark cupboard),  only to reappear again before another child's party?   I feel quite uncomfortable mentioning this.  Please tell me someone else does it too!   

Of course present recycling can seriously backfire.  You need to keep track.  My sister-in-law gave my boys books for christmas that we had given her kids the year before - I'd even written in them!



  1. The huge parties don't seem to be as popular here in Ireland. Most parties my children go to have at the most 12 or 15. Likewise I've never had more than that. As they get to about 8 or so this reduces even more and it become 6 going to the cinema or out for pizza, much handier!

    1. That sounds much more sensible! I would like to think this is the last of the big parties. Next year I am definitely going for the 'handful of good friends' option. It's less stressful for everyone - the last time my eldest had a big party he spent most of it with his fingers in his ears! You would have thought I'd have learnt my lesson!

  2. I once let my daughter talk me in to a joint birthday party...involving a bouncy castle...erm never again for me lol.

    We present recycle here too, it's something I keep very quiet about :-)

  3. You're right, it is one of those things people don't talk about. You sort of suspect other people probably do it too - and as long as there are no embarrassing mixups I suppose that's the way it should stay!