Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 57 - Why a Woolly habit can be good for you!

I am enjoying making granny squares although I'm running behind - 8 weeks now, so should be up to 32.  I always carry a ball of wool and a hook in my bag just in case.  I've crocheted during my weekly wait at ballet, football training and piano.  A few of my first attempts were on the beach!  It got me thinking about where else I might try?   Maybe I should spice up my granny square challenge by introducing a 'strangest place' category.   I could call it off piste crochet?!

I am trying to squeeze in a bit of knitting too, because it's my oldest woolly habit and it's comforting.  It helps me relax when the kids are asleep and I'm on my own.  Knitting away the worries of the day.  Sometimes.

I recently had a go at making up a knitting pattern.  A first for me.  Not exactly sure why, but I decided to make a small bird.  The first one looked like a bright, wooly, potato with wings?  After a few attempts they started looking a little more birdlike....

Knitted bird - species unknown...

...... and I knitted a whole flock of them!

A flock of knits

I sent the birds to my London sister who sold nearly all of them at a local craft fair along with my stock of teddies (do find it hard to part with the teddies..)

Knitted teddies - leaving home!

I still get such a buzz when someone wants to buy something I've made, which is a lucky as I'm  probably earning about £1.50 an hour!  Hey, it's not about the money......


  1. The birds are gorgeous, love the colours of that first one, though the big pile of them looks a bit sinister and Hitchcock-esque!

    I think any selling of handmade knitted or crocheted goods is likely to make just pin money. Compared to what you can knock up with a sewing machine, yarn crafts take a long time. You have to do it for the love. I'm considering building up to a craft fair. I'll just have to look at it as making a bit of money for a hobby.

    1. Thank you dillytante. I definitely do it for the love, but my sister who machine knits and sews like a demon has made a good living out of it. Hard slog though. I think you would do so well at a craft fair. Most difficult bit is building up stock!