Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 47 - Anyone for crochet??

So in my head, it's december, he's about to arrive home and I'm toned and fit from months of weight training and draped in a handmade crocheted blanket.......

The blanket bit is not as random as it may sound!   Before he left for Afghanistan I knew I wanted to make something special - something to mark this year a part.  I am a bit of a knitter but have never tried crochet and there are some truly gorgeous patterns out there - time to give it a go.

My plan was to start with a basic granny square and see what happened.  I watched a tutorial given by the lovely Sandie on Crochet Cabana - crochet hook and wool at the ready.  The first thing I learnt was they may be called squares but you crochet in rounds?  Well, I must have watched it dozens of times and kept ending up with an tight, interesting-looking knot.  By this stage the kids had stopped asking me how it was going....

THEN FINALLY it clicked - I was missing out a whole stage!   Think I was mesmerised by the incredible speed of her crocheting.  Also I should have looked at the written description below the tutorials - it would have saved a lot of time!    Purl Bee is good too for pictures and clear instructions.

I was so proud of my first granny square!  Deeply satisfying and a great way to use up odd bits of wool.

I've made a few now - the only problem is the more I make the looser and larger they get!

My plan is to make four a week - 4x52 - sound about right for a blanket?  I've definitely got faster, but I'm no whizz - still manually pulling the wool over the needle!....and I'm already behind, so will be crocheting madly this weekend.  I have also tried a multi-coloured granny square - and just kept going...round and's now being used by my daughter in her doll's cot!

I did think I could keep on doing this instead of lots of little squares -  but by the summer I would be carrying around a huge blanket attached to my little needle...So I think I'll stick to lots of small grannies - just concerned it will take me another year to sew them all together! 


  1. I luuurve crochet & always on hand on my blog or MN if you need any tips!

  2. Thanks so much! I will definitely take a look. Feeling a little more confident now but know I still have a long way to go!

  3. ha ha, I love this. I felt the need to try something new just couldn't decide what...finally bought a beginners mag complete with hook, knitting needles & yarn...and plenty of beautiful patterns...that was about a month ago and so far I have made the 1st round of a Granny Square...pathetic! So well done you...time for me to complete my 1st one!

  4. Thanks! Honestly, I thought I'd never get the hang of it and the first ones took so long....But it does get easier - I promise! I'm really enjoying it now. Hope you keep going with the grannies x