Thursday, 3 March 2016

Easy Easter Bunny - Easter crafts

These make really fun table decorations for Easter day, as they're a perfect size for hiding a chocolate egg or two!

You'll need:
2 cardboard tubes - preferably different widths (we used a kitchen paper roll and a toilet paper tube)
A piece of coloured paper and paint to match
cotton wool ball
PVA/craft glue
black felt tip pen.

1. For the bunny's body, cut a 7cm piece from the wider tube, and a 5cm piece from the narrower one for the head. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to mark your measurement on the tube, squeeze the sides together just under the mark, and cut straight across the tube.
Paint them your chosen colour.

2. Cut a 6cmx12cm piece of coloured paper and fold it in half, lengthways.

3. About a quarter of the way up, on the folded side, draw a short line across (no more than a cm) and then draw a rabbit's ear, using all the paper space available, right up to the top. Try to make both sides look as even as possible.

4. Cut out and open up.

5. For the front paws, cut another piece of paper - 4cmx10cm this time, and fold in half lengthways again.

6. At the top of one end, draw a rounded paw. Cut out and open up.

7. Glue the bottom part of the ears to the head, then glue this to the body.

8. Brush glue on the other piece of paper, except for the paws, and stick to the bottom of your bunny so you can see the paws at the front. This helps hold the bunny together. Glue on a small piece of cotton wool for the fluffy tail.

9. When dry, draw a face with the black felt tip pen and add chocolate!


  1. Love this - and the hidden egg is genius :)

    1. Thanks Sarah - reckon you can tuck away 3! :)

  2. So cute and simple. Fun way to give eggs this easter. #Trash2Treasure

  3. How cute is this! I have a bunny I make from a toilet roll too but he doesn't have the cunning space to store chocolate eggs so yours definitely wins! Such a great Easter craft, I might even make a couple for our East Egg Hunt here this year. Thank you for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure