Thursday, 22 October 2015

Make Your Own Zoo, down on the farm!

I'm holding my first Make Your Own Zoo workshops next week! REALLY excited. A little apprehensive too, but mostly excited.

They're at Kate Humble's farm, Humble By Nature near Monmouth which is a pretty special venue.
Humble By Nature is the place to go to learn rural skills, like running a smallholding and animal husbandry, and there are cooking and craft courses too. Such a varied range of things to do, often with a bit of a twist! And the team are always open to new ideas; ones that share their values. Do have a read about how it all began, here. It's been quite a journey.

I'm doing three, hour long sessions on Monday, and they're all sold out which is brilliant. So, there'll be 10 children + parents coming along to each one, and my goal is to make it fun, and to send everyone home with as many animals as we can possibly squeeze into an hour!

I've done a bit of prep to keep things moving along, mainly painting pieces of cereal box card and cutting up egg boxes. Hopefully we'll manage a lion, giraffe or zebra, a penguin....

and, if there's time, a sheep! Definitely the right place to be making sheep. Might be a little ambitious though. I've been working on a few make your own farm ideas....

I'll let you know how it goes! Hopefully no hitches, because I've been asked to do a workshop at the Hay Festival Winter Weekend at the end of November which I'm so, so thrilled about. Can't believe it really. Another path that started here.

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