Friday, 31 July 2015

Shell Lady part 2 - The Pram

Sounds like a rather disappointing film sequel... but hopefully nothing disappointing about this little pram!

As with the Shell Lady, all you need is a good haul of shells, some all-purpose strong clear glue like UHU or Bostik, a fine black marker pen, like a Sharpie, and one extra thing - a paper clip for the pram handle.

The main part of the pram is made from two small limpet shells - you want one to be a little smaller than the other, so it sits inside, upright, like a hood. Try a few different shells until you’re happy with the fit. Don’t glue in place just yet though.

Choose 4 similar-sized periwinkle shells for the wheels, and glue the open part to the limpet pram base. Turn over to check it sits steady and doesn’t wobble. Glue in the pram hood and leave to dry. If the hood slips a bit, use another shell to hold it in place.

Find a small winkle shell for the baby’s head, glue it in the hood part of the pram and draw a face with a fine black marker (one that won’t smudge, like a Sharpie). Look for a small cockle shaped shell for the baby’s blanket. Don’t glue it in yet - first, make the handle by cutting off a piece of the paper clip (best done by a grown up), and bending it into an even, curved shape. Ours is blue because that’s all I could find!

Glue inside the limpet shell, then stick the blanket over the top, to cover the wire ends...

...and the pram's ready to be pushed.


  1. Totally brilliant are so clever. x

  2. I love your shell people and this pram. Really clever! X

  3. Too cute for words, you have a lovely sense of imagination to bring these lovely tings to life through shells. The careful step by step tutorial makes it look so easy to copy. I'm definitely giving it a go. Thank you for adding this great upcycling entry on #Trash2Treasure.

  4. This is so cute, shells are something I don't have in my craft stash atm - I'm definitely going to have to remedy that! #Trash2Treasure