Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Gallery - New

I love it when the kids get this excited about everything they open. No holding back, just pure spontaneous, fabulous joy.
It might only be a new pencil case; but at that moment, it was the most fantastic thing EVER...until she ripped open the next parcel...
And so begins the noisy unwrapping rollercoaster of excitement - can't bear the thought of it ending one day, but know it will.
The ten year old is already more grown up and sensible about the whole thing - now a quieter, slightly self-conscious present-opener.
Or maybe he's just getting harder to please??

The Gallery theme this week is NEW


  1. That is a brilliant photo! She does look very happy!

  2. I love the excitement of Christmas too. Her facial expression captures the moment perfectly x

  3. Ahh the happiness on her face is just lovely! :)