Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas craft - DIY Nativity

It was the paper houses that first got me thinking about making a Nativity scene - a simple one I could do with the kids. All it took was a straightforward conversion job, and that was the stable sorted. I settled on cones for the figures - perfect for robes, with stuck-on faces and arms. It was fun working out how to do things, but there's A LOT going on in a Nativity. By the time we'd got to the donkey, my 5 year old was rolling her eyes...
Now everything's easy to make, but to do it all in one fell swoop is probably asking a bit I think the answer is a figure or two a day, and build up the nativity slowly - making it more of a christmas countdown event.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Three wise men

All you need is some paper, a glue stick, a ruler (for the stable), scissors and some pens and things for decorating. I used coloured paper, but white is fine, just means a bit more colouring or painting.

First, make the stable, following the instructions for Easy Paper Houses - but before the stick-it-together stage, use a ruler to draw lines for planks of wood across the outside - doesn't matter if they're a bit wobbly as I think that adds to the effect.

For the figures, draw around the bottom of a tin or something like that, then cut the circles in half and make a cone from a semi-circle. Glue and leave to dry. If you want to decorate any robes, you can do this before the sticking stage. We used glitter, stickers and metallic pens.

Draw faces and cut out arms, making them a little wider at the ends for a billowy robe look. My daughter had a go at an assortment of different beards! Glue onto the cones.

The crib for the baby Jesus is simply a rectangle, folded at each end. Cut a thin strip from one side and stick underneath to strengthen it. Then all you need is a rectangle for the blanket and a small circle for the head. I snipped triangles out of the ends to make it look more cot-like.

The donkey is also a rectangle, this time folded in half. Round off one end with the scissors and cut a gently curved-in-the-middle, M-shape for the legs and tummy. Draw and cut out a head. We stuck on a strand of wool for a mane and tail, and for Mary and the Angel's hair - but if this is a fiddly faff too far, just draw them on.

The sheep are little bits of cotton wool with black faces and the star and angel are up high in the sky above the stable on skewer sticks.

Nativity scene - Christmas craft

I really think spreading out the making would be a fun way to it, and we'll definitely have a go again. Next year.
I'm now cracking on with my Knitivity which is taking AGES, and still a few wooly shepherds short...

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  1. Fabulous - going to save for when littl'un a bit bigger :-)

  2. That is so sweet! Love the donkey, and Baby Jesus... :)

    1. Thank you :) There are a few extra donkeys in the stable now + an interesting looking ox!

  3. What a WONDERFUL nativity. Love every party of it! From kings, to stars to stable!!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


    1. Thank you Maggy! Lovely to link up and check out the fantastic crafty ideas on your blog :)

  4. I missed this post first time round. Fantastic. Hope I remember it for next year.