Monday, 8 October 2012

Day 331 - You couldn't make it up

I had a very interesting chat with another mum during ballet. She was asking how I was doing with my husband still away - I said things were ok but I was feeling it more this term, and she said that was completely understandable seeing as I was pregnant....


I had a frozen moment as I tried desperately to get over the surprise, and think of what to say.
And that pause, right there, was the ONLY pregnant thing going on.
Apart from me being ancient, my husband hasn't exactly been around much.

I also knew there was little chance of the mum or me getting through this conversation without a pink glow of embarrassment.  Did she think I looked pregnant? Admittedly I've probably put on weight. Or was there some kind of mad rumour going around?

"Noooooooo, I'm definitely not pregnant! Just eating too much..!"

"OH no! It's not that, it's just your daughter told mine you were having a baby..."

And there you have it. My darling 5 year old had made up this whopper about me being pregnant. She'd even told her friend I was having a girl. A case of make-believe in the playground getting way out of hand...

And then I was wondering who else had heard? You know what the school gate's like - a breeding ground for gossip. It's like the worst kind of chinese whispers down there.  Last term my 7 year old came back from school with a 'sorry you're leaving' card from his best friend. He wasn't going anywhere.

Of course my daughter hadn't really got a clue what she'd done. Quite hard to handle, because it didn't seem right to get very cross with her.
She was upset when we had a talk, and kept saying it was just a pretend game. I know she can get carried away with her stories, and had obviously been a bit too convincing. I'm all for having an active imagination, as long as it doesn't run completely wild.

Once we'd all got over the shock, I did feel relieved the mum had mentioned it and we'd cleared it up quickly. Imagine if she hadn't said anything, and gone on believing...

I'm sure this will make my daughter think twice before she starts spinning another tale. And if I cast my mind back, I know I wasn't adverse to making up the odd story or two - though can't remember any backfiring in such spectacular fashion!


  1. oh no! Although if it's any consolation, i definitely wouldn't have said you looked pregnant last week! Ah bless her. I haven't been in that situation, but my daughter has a friend who makes up lots of things - once got a tale of how she has to clean the house (a la cinderella) which I am totally sure is not the case... I think her mum would have preferred it if she'd been telling people she (the mum) was pregnant! Sounds like you handled it very well though

    1. Thanks R! Have to say my first thought was that's the end of the carbs-free diet...obviously not working...

      She is a tinker, but think getting caught out big time gave her quite a fright. We'll see!

  2. Ah my little boy Kyle who is normally extremely well behaved did something similar to this once.

    Young Carer's came into visit his school and talk about what it is they do, they told the children what it meant to be a young carer and that their organization can arrange respite for young carer's, day's out and camping trips. They were told to stay back at the end of assembly if they thought that they might be a young carer.

    My son stayed back, he said that he sometimes helped Mummy look after his big sister who is disabled as Mummy can be very busy and that he'd like to go on their list !

    Now hand on heart the most Kyle ever does to 'help' me is to put a dvd on for Paige, or to pass her her pencils, or help her turn her DS on. Not because he wouldn't help, I'm very sure he would, but because I don't see his sister as his responsibility. None of the children have ever played any part in Paige's care.

    Anyway he came home that day saying a lady from Young Carer's might phone me, then he told me why. I was mortified. I sat down and explained what a 'carer' really did and asked him if he really thought he was one. He cried and said ' Mum I know I'm not really, but I do have a disabled sister, that bit was true and I just really liked the sound of the camping trip'.

    I've since been told it's very normal that sometimes when a child really want's something they will embellish the truth or say they have or do something that they haven't and that I shouldn't have worried.

    At the time I was so embarrassed though.

    It sound's like you handled it so well, I wouldn't have known what to say to the lady (I'm paranoid about my tummy at the best of times).
    Like my son I'm sure your daughter won't make that mistake again :-) xxx

    1. Oh Jo, it does sound like he did it with the best intentions, and just got a bit caught up in the moment! I think you're right about it often stemming from something they want, or a more elaborate spin on something they know. I'm sure my little one would love a sister, but she's not getting one! xxx

  3. You got off lightly. A little lad in my daughters class said his eyes fell out when he was a baby, his parents were hauled off to jail AND his mum was pregnant!

  4. Oh gosh, that's quite sweet in a way, and I love the story about the leaving card! When I first met a friend of mine, her 7 year old told me that her Daddy was away working a lot as he worked in a Nuclear Power Station... He completely doesn't... Where do they get this stuff from? :D

    1. Who knows! That's mad about the Nuclear Power station - I mean it isn't exactly something that pops up much in everyday conversation!

  5. This made me lol, it's great that your children have such persuasive characters it will hopefully make them good leaders bless them!

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Laughing so much it hurts! Thank you fof making my Day a better place!