Friday, 21 September 2012

Day 314 - Losing it

I had a mini meltdown yesterday. Nothing to do with the kids. I just happened to glance down at my engagement ring, and there was a dark, empty space where a shiny gem used to be. A shiny diamond gem.

I felt sick. It's my most precious piece of jewellery, chosen by my husband in the days when he could. Freely. Without interference. And he got it spot on.

Now considering I love the ring so much I really should have looked after it a little better, but it just stays on all the time, for everything. Most people do the same, right?
Anyway, no point dwelling on 'if onlys'.

My mind started whirring: when had I last had a proper look at it? What had I been doing that day?
Well of course I'd done everything - cooking, dish washing, laundry, gardening, cleaning, hoovering...

A wave of mounting despair. What were the chances? It could be anywhere. Shiny but tiny. Still I couldn't just give up without trying.

So I emptied the vacuum bag (yuck)
and the bin (double yuck)
I even had a look in the U-bend, under the sink (wet)
No joy.
My heart sank some more.

The kids were sweet. They went and found a torch, because I'd told them the diamond was sparkly and would catch the light. Then they started looking in all the places I NEVER go; like in the bowl of shells in the bathroom, the Wii games drawer, the cupboard where the iron is kept.

Once I'd got them into bed I had a half-hearted look around my room, only to be joined minutes later by three eager little helpers, waving a torch.
I'd foolishly offered a reward.
Just as I was checking the bed while trying to persuade them to hold off the search until the morning, a glittery glint caught my eye in the torch light. Just for a split second.

Could it be? I held my breath and had a look...

and there, lying on my sheet was the tiny, twinkly diamond.


I really did properly jump for joy - up and down on my bed, whooping and yelling with delight,
to a chorus of, 'WHAT'S OUR PRIZE MUMMY?'


  1. *like*
    I wear mine all the time and have just checked them, I live in fear of losing one of the stones.

    1. Think i might make a few changes when it's fixed. Maybe take it off when I'm gardening, washing up...or get some decent gloves? Good intentions anyway!

    2. My dearest Trace, what horror that must have been and felt like, but, what a fabulous story, such a happy ending:-) xxx

  2. oh so glad you found it - I lost one of the diamonds out of my ring once - we never found it :-(

  3. I never ever take mine off if it makes you feel better! So pleased you found it though, how brilliant! :)

    1. It was SUCH a happy moment. I was so sure I'd washed it down the sink!

  4. So pleased you found it ! It's a beautiful ring too. I have a few very sentimental pieces that I'd devastated to lose so I could really understand your joy on finding the missing stone :-)

    As always I've loved catching up on your post's just now. A huge belated Congratulations on the exhibition, that is a huge achievement, I was so chuffed to bit's for you reading about it.

    I have not had much chance to read post's or blog properly myself of late. I've turned in to 'that lady' that's always droning on about her child's special needs :-( think I've lost a bit of myself somewhere recently, I need to find me again with out wanting to sound weird lol.

    I'd best dash again for now, I'm potty training again today...but as he's my last this will be the last time I ever potty train, Amen to that :-)

    Take care, hope it doesn't take me so long to catch up on future post's as I love to have a good read, love Jo xxx

    1. Thanks so much Jo, and you are definitely not 'that lady'! xxx

  5. P.s...have just replied to your comment on my blog, thank you so much xxx

  6. What a relief!
    The ring is beautiful.

  7. Once again you have managed to make me cry reading your post. Am i the only one this happens to?

    This time with the joy of finding it again. I'm so glad you did. Its a beautiful ring even without it's importance.

    I wear mine all the time and the stone is loose!!!! I will take your post as warning and get it seen to.


  8. I lost a stone in a ring, took it to be replaced & they said the settings were very poor, so recommended it be re-jigged to make it all safer - money well spent, if you are offered the same

    1. That's a good point. Looking closely I think one of the claws has lost a tip, so it does need some work and money spent on it.