Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Photo Gallery: Emotion

I love this photo. In many ways it's fairly ordinary. But it gets me every time.
I took it when my husband was last with us in May. Just before he went back to Afghanistan.

It triggers such a mixture of emotions:
a perfect family day by the sea;
how much I miss him;
how much the kids miss him;
how much easier it is to share.

And it reminds me how much I wish he'd been here last week when the youngest had her scary bike tumble; and how a wave of crushing panic made me realise I'm closer to unravelling than I'd like to think.

I know all these feelings are probably heightened at the moment, because in a few days he'll be back with us for a bit. So, as always happens about now, my defences slip, I'm more emotional and time seems to be slowing down...

Just a few more days and I can stop feeling like I'm holding my breath.

The Gallery theme this week is Emotion.


  1. oh have a lovely lovely time altogether. Thinking of you xxx

  2. It is not often I read a post that makes me cry, but this did. Hats off to you. Hats off to all military mums. It is so amazing that a single image can bring such a range of emotions

  3. Thats a lovely picture and a very emotional story. For me that is the key with photos and emotion. It isn't necessarily the nature of the picture, but the memories and emotions that go with that memory. I hope you have a lovely time when your OH is home :)

  4. That's a lovely photo and a very heart felt post. x

  5. A beautiful pic. Glad he will be home soon. Chin up my lovely x x

  6. What a lovely photograph, and beautiful words to go with it, perfect for the Gallery theme.

    It must be so tough. :(

  7. Oh My,I don't know what to say.
    What a beautifully honest post.
    It just goes to show how good you are at keeping everything going while he is away. I read your posts sometimes and am amazed at your positive approach. You are the real soldier!
    I used to work in a high pressure environment and when i took time off would be hit with a heavy cold. Your body keeps going because it has to, and then as soon as you start to relax - bam!
    I could so not be an army wife. I have so much admiration for you. I hope youngest is okay after the bike tumble. How long is hubby home for? I may have missed a post. I hope you have a lovely reunion when the time comes. x

    ps How many paintings have you done?

  8. A very moving post.
    I hope you all have a wonderful time being back together for a while.
    With Love, Jo xxx

  9. That photo is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you've got it printed out and framed, because you should :)

  10. Beautiful picture xx You are so strong xx

  11. I am so incredibly touched by all your comments... honestly I can't begin to tell you. Blogging has really helped over the last 9 months - and it's not just been about the writing (as I thought at the beginning) - it's about the wonderful people I've met, and the support I've been given. Thank you xxx