Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 117 - Why wouldn't you crochet a shamrock?

Is it my imagination, or are there a lot of Irish bloggers out there?  Maybe it's just because I'm thinking about it - a bit like when you're pregnant and suddenly start seeing other pregnant women you know what I mean?  Anyway, happy St Patrick's Day! - and I've made some little crocheted shamrocks to celebrate. Hope you like them.

They are very quick and easy to make.  I fiddled about with my granny square stitches until I had something that looked the right shape!  So thought I'd have a go at posting my first crochet pattern. 

I used a 3.5 hook and double knitting wool
First make four chains (ch) and join with a slip stitch (ss) to make a ring.
*3ch followed by two treble crochets (trc)
Then one ss half way down the last trc and another ss back into the ring* to form the first leaf.
Repeat ** two more times.
For the stalk - ch4, double crochet (dc) into first chain and ss into remaining two.
Fasten off and leave yourself enough wool to close the ring (think it looks better) and sew on a small safety pin. Weave in ends.

My sister's coming over from Ireland to stay for a few days - so guess what she's getting? Plus a large handful of wee woolly shamrocks to take home.

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  1. Cute! I love little projects like that. They are so satisfying and take no time at all.