Monday, 20 February 2012

Twelve pound Charity Challenge - DAY 1

Just to make the Challenge extra especially difficult, I went shopping with the children!  Not the best plan, but it was the weekend.  My usual ploy when they're with me is to keep the trolley rolling, so I walk and lift on the move, while scanning the shelves ahead.  Stop and the trouble starts.....

This time I had to stop. My carefully crafted list was short but I needed to take a really good look at the prices.  I also needed to shop around and went to FOUR supermarkets.  Luckily they're all close to each other; that was the only lucky thing! I was on my knees by the last one.  

It was hard deciding what to buy, but it did make me think about what I usually put in my trolley. My food shop can be seven or even more times the £12 limit.  What have I been buying?!  I used to be quite good at guessing my total as I waited in the checkout queue - now I'm always way under.

So here's my 'teeny weeny bit over' £12 list. I know lists are dull, but this one is important! 

small chicken       £2.82
large onion                14
2x500g pasta            60
soft cheese 250g      68
plain yogurt 500g     55
baked beans             29
bread                          47
mozzarella                44 
2xtinned toms           62
milk 2.272l             1.00
10 eggs                     85
carrots 1kg                59
rice 1kg                     40
cream crackers        36
split lentils 500g       88
cornflakes                 39
tinned peaches        29
potatoes 2kg            69
TOTAL              £12.06

Blimey! It looks so short and took me so long!  A neighbour has kindly given me two leeks from her garden and I have half a tub of Clover left in the fridge.  That's it though, a part from leftover flour, sugar and cooking oil in the cupboard, plus the odd dollop of jam or honey.  I don't think that's pushing it really? And as I've already said, the money normally spent on the weekly shop is going to the Rifles "Care for Casualties" Appeal.

I probably have a bit of an advantage because I'm catering for the kids and only one adult. Still, three pounds each stretched over seven days - it's going to be interesting!  

Breakfast this morning was straightforward enough; just one for milk and cereal and toast for the rest of us.  Packed lunches looked a little anaemic, (I'll delve into them in more detail tomorrow when I've heard the verdict!) and lentil soup for me.

Tonight I'm going to lull them into a false sense of security with chicken, roast potatoes and carrots! 


  1. A fantastic cause, sadly I know someone who lost their life in Afghan last year :-( I hadn't spoken to him for a long time but it was such a shock to see his picture on the news. Think it's great what you're doing :-)

    Every week is a bit of a shopping challenge in our house, I try to keep the bill around £90 for the week for all of us and that includes nappies and baby bits. £90 sounds quite a bit but stretched around 8 of us it isn't always easy. The kids always need a ton of fresh fruit in their lunch boxes to keep the teachers happy too. Last year I grew pots and pots of strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce to save us some pennies.
    Interseting I always like a snoop at other's shopping lists :-)

  2. I really admire you for doing this challenge. You are making me think I could do with trying something similar....watching with interest.

  3. Thank you for your comments. It has made me think a lot harder about what I buy - and I'm going to keep more of a grip on my weekly shop from now on! Jo, £90 is really impressive, seeing as you're feeding eight + baby stuff. Growing pots of fruit or veg for lunch boxes is a great idea, with the added bonus that the kids can pick their own!