Sunday, 19 February 2012

Day 91 - Twelve pound Charity Challenge!

I've wanted to have a go at this for ages!  It's possibly a bit bonkers, but I love a challenge and love a bargain, so the idea of spending just twelve pounds on the weekly food shop appeals to me. I've also told a few friends I'm going to do it, so have to now, don't I ? 

My Granny had an amazing knack of being able to make something out of nothing. There was never any waste in her kitchen and always a large pot of interesting looking soup. I'm quite sure some of her frugal skills rubbed off on all of us (apart from her fondness for offal)  
She was a wonderful cook; I think about her often and know she would have loved this challenge.

Spending so little has made me think long and hard about what to buy and what to cook. Obviously a lot more planning needed. Getting our five-a-day might be tricky and you can forget organic, apart from some sad looking parsley growing in a pot outside the back door.  Of course the challenge would be a lot easier if we grew our own vegetables (something I'm going to try this year)  
Looking more closely at what I buy has made me realise that fruit and veg make up a hefty chunk of our weekly food bill.  More than I thought really.  

So what's in and what's out?  Well, there'll be no rummaging around in the freezer, but I can use any flour and sugar that's in the cupboard and a spoonful or two of things like honey, jam, and cooking oil.   A teeny bit of flexibility is ok, isn't it? Anyway, they're my rules and the money I usually spend on the weekly shop is going to the Rifles "Care for Casualties" Appeal.  Please do take a look.

I've done my best to prepare the kids for day one on monday and they seem quite keen! Things might change when they look inside an empty fridge.  The youngest was a little shocked when I told her there wouldn't be much in the way of treats or pudding, "No pudding mummy?"   Wait until she sees what's in her lunch box....

The fun starts tomorrow!


  1. Looking forward to seeing how you get on! Great idea.

  2. I love this! Will be following your progress with interest.

  3. ooooh I will be watching with interest to see how you get on (remember that value/basics veg is from the same farms as the normal priced stuff and that tins of fruit count as 5-a-day too.......)

  4. That sounds like a challenge, but all in a good cause. Have fun being imaginative with food :)

  5. Thanks for your comments - it's going to be interesting!