Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 78 - A change IS as good as a rest

We went to London on the train,
(going away keeps me sane)
Delayed, of course, which was dire,
Some bugger had nicked the signalling wire.

Once on board we found our seats
I had a bag of 'keep them quiet' treats.

They were excited and happy, it was all going well,
when the youngest shouted, "What's that SMELL?"
"Mummy, I think that someone's farted"
It was our neighbour's egg sarnies....he'd just started...

We were picked up from the station by my friend Anna,
she's tall and wise and a ninja planner.
She took us to Hamleys: a kingdom of toys,
not sure who had more fun, the 'big girls' or the boys.

We had lunch with the crocodiles at the Rainforest Cafe,
It was all going swimmingly until we'd to pay...

An 'arm and a leg' later', in Trafalgar Square,
the fountain had frozen, but the pigeons didn't care.

We got a bus back before the snow set in,
definitely time for a sizeable gin.
Then some grown-up chat! Nothing too deep,
I talked at Anna 'til she fell asleep.

Next day, Iggy the snowman; brunch at eleven;
A splashing Duck Tour of London, the kids were in heaven.

Then to the station, and a few moments later,
The youngest was pushed (?) down the escalator..
She had a bump on her head and was cross with her brother,
I'm sure people were thinking what a terrible mother!

Back on the train,
back to the beginning,
but I feel less of a loon
and more like I'm winning?


  1. Love this :-) and it sounds like you all had a fab time.

  2. Thank you! It was a great weekend and did me the power of good x

  3. Hi, a quick one (as it's late) but just to say as I recieved a Liebster Blog Award today I am passing the award to you as I really enjoy your blog, if you'd like to take part and spread some blog love :-)

  4. Oh my goodness, thank you Jo! I'm truly touched. x