Friday, 3 February 2017

Spot the difference?

So I've gone and done the thing you're generally advised not to do (again.. )

I did give the pros and cons of a name change a lot of thought though, and hope you'll bear with me! Apart from a bit of a facelift and adding some new social media buttons (too embarrassed to say how long that took), the other important stuff like the URL address is the same, because frankly the thought of starting all over again from scratch and attempting to move my content somewhere else is more than I can deal with at the moment. One step at a time I think.

A few might recognise the new name anyway? Several years back I did start a kids' craft blog called Jumble Tree, but then the books took over, my husband went back to Afghanistan and it got left out in the wilderness with the tumbleweed and all the other deserted blogs. So I stayed with A Patchwork Life, but my blog isn't such a patchwork these days, more of a one (or possibly two) trick pony - and I don't write posts about parenting anymore, now the kids are older. I also think my blog was probably a huge disappointment to people who thought I might have had some pearls of wisdom about quilting. The name was possibly a bit misleading...

Hopefully no such confusion with Jumble Tree - I love jumble of all kinds and it is a pretty good collective term for all the stuff I work with, whether that's old cardboard packaging or secondhand bits and bobs. The tree part I suppose represents growth, ideas and learning.

 The other big reason why I've made the change is because for some nuts reason, all my social media accounts have different names, so I'm going to try to make them all Jumble Tree. Hopefully this will make it easier to find me.

As with so many things, I should have done all this AGES ago.


  1. No I didn't spot it! My blog name isn't really relevant now either. It was supposed to refer to my crafting chaos but there has been a huge break of over a year since I did any papercrafting. I suppose it describes my life quite well tho! I have enough trouble changing my header which takes me hours, so hats of to you for adding the social media stuff. Bon weekend. X

    1. you too Fiona! And I really like the name of your blog.
      My attempt to update things isn't going so well... can't work out how to remove A Patchwork Life from my Google+ account. Have an inkling there'll be more headaches to come! x

    2. Can't help you there ...sorry!

  2. So funny, when I first saw you pop up on Instagram, I thought "someone is copying Tracey!" :D Then I soon realised it was you! :)