Sunday, 30 October 2016

Bad timing... Sunday photo

the mist is lifting..

Finishing the craft book has taken over my waking hours this week, but nearly there now. I've had to do a lot of picture and text checking. Pretty intense and time-consuming. Perfect then that this stage just happened to coincide with Half Term! And my husband being away on an army exercise for two weeks. So ridiculously typical, but what can you do?

I tried to get up early, to work before the kids came down in the morning, but I'm rubbish at getting up, so that didn't work. I thought I'd try working late, when they'd gone to bed, but they go to bed quite late now, in the holidays. It's usually past ten before the house is quiet, and by that time, I'm fit for nothing except watching telly.

So I worked during the day, between preparing and clearing up meals, which quite frankly doesn't have a beginning or an end with teenagers - while the house slowly fell apart around me. 

Stressed, frustrated and guilty about sums it up. Not a great combination.
Didn't take long before the kids got bored, and when they're bored they fight and when they fight I start shouting - so, to stop us all going stir crazy we did short trips out most days.

Bouncing off some energy
Helped lessen the guilt, but not the workload.

Still, we muddled through. The book-checking got done somehow, and as relentless as it was, didn't feel quite as out of control as last time. The process makes more sense now, and even though I've seen the craft projects a hundred, million times, I am really happy with how it's all turning out.

Making cake seemed to help ease us through the week too. My daughter had a friend over one day and they made Halloween cupcakes. The one in the middle had me slightly worried! Impressive marshmallow skull though.

I found a great apple cake recipe which made me exceedingly happy. We're coming down with delicious cooking apples, and there's only so much crumble the kids will eat.

It's Mary Berry's Very Best Apple Dessert Cake , and if you have an abundance of apples or just fancy some cake, I'd definitely recommend it. Very easy too - a bit almondy and utterly delicious.

I also managed to get my Instagram feed onto the sidebar here, after a lot of faffing around. Unfortunately the Instagram button seems to be floating about on its own, and my attempt to get a neat set of buttons for Pinterest, Facebook etc was an utter disaster - took ages. I thought I'd done it, but thankfully checked my blog straight after, and found I'd unwittingly linked up to a rather graphic 'adult' site! So that was a complete waste of time.

Hoping this won't be such a time waster - I want to make a Christmas tree advent calendar out of these beech hedge branches, sort of similar to the ones on sale in a few Christmas catalogues (that are coming out of our ears at the moment). They look like they're mainly for decoration - I thought we could maybe make ours a bit more useful, but we'll see!

Lovely at last to have the time to try though.

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  1. Great collection of photos, I love the colours in the first photo

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Your week sounds exhausting! Fabulous misty photo with grazing cattle, looks like it was an early start? Those Halloween cakes look rather good and so does your apple dessert cake....I discovered that recipe five years ago and make it regularly, you can't go wrong. Lovely with ice cream or custard too. x

    1. it's very good, and obviously popular - another friend told me she'd been making it for years. Wish I'd found it sooner! Though may go the same way as the crumble.
      You're right about the first picture, it was early! Last school run before Half Term, when I had to get up :) x

  3. That first shot is just beautiful T, and that cake looks incredible too! So pleased all is going well, if not a little hectic! :)