Friday, 29 April 2016

More 70's stuff and a spot of upcycling

No major surprises for my husband when he got home from Afghanistan this time - no vintage campervan in the garage or wrought iron spiral staircase in hundreds of pieces (both good eBay buys in my opinion..) In fact not much retail therapy at all - the only thing I've had my eye on is a cordless vacuum cleaner. Pretty boring really. So he got off lightly.

We have been looking for a large mirror for the sitting room since he's been back though, and took a trip up to Leominister last week to potter round the large number of secondhand/vintage shops there. Didn't find a mirror, but we did buy a lovely antique fold up bench for outside, and a footstool/ottoman for the sitting room. I'm not a fan of footstools, but my husband is, and I'm telling myself it's only fair, as he puts up with all my vintage stuff, plus he's been stuck in Kabul for 9 months. A secondhand footstool is a small price to pay. Also a lot cheaper than buying one new.

The only other thing I bought were these 70's jar labels, still in their original packaging.

They look very familiar to me, I'm pretty sure my Mum had them. Anyway, I'm hoping they'll push me in the direction of making some apple chutney this autumn. We have one very productive apple tree in the garden, but there's only so much stewed apple the kids will eat, so I feel a lot of guilt about the apples that get left behind. And as Herefordshire is awash with apple orchards, you can't give them away here. I have tried.

One thing I have done over the last 9 months is slowly work my way through the cupboards, piling any potential car boot/charity shop stuff on the sitting room floor. When it's just me and the kids we tend to live in the kitchen, which meant it was easy enough to shut the sitting room door and forget about the mess.

The pile was bonfire size by the time my husband got back, so we packed up and headed to a car boot near Hereford last Sunday. A very civilised affair I've got to say - doesn't start until 2pm. We arrived at 12 and there were already at least 50 cars all around the perimeter of the field. I thought we mightn't do that well as there were so many sellers - hard to know where to look, but we managed to shift way more than half of our clobber. Probably because we were selling everything cheap.

Before the crowds descended (kept behind barriers until the dot of 2. You can imagine), I did manage a quick dash round. Saw a lovely welsh blanket for a tenner, but dithered and it was gone by the time I went back. The only thing I ended up buying was this vintage vacuum flask, still in it's original box. Catchy name too...
Think I'd have preferred a red one, but still pleased, and it only cost a pound.

Having some help with the school run has freed up a fair bit of time which is lovely. I've managed to get round to things I've put off for ages. At last making headway with my giant loo roll animal... more about that soon, and I upcycled this sweet little house-shaped trinket shelf bought in a car boot in France last year for 50c.

The paper is from Tiger which is possibly my favourite shop ever, and spent a bit of time measuring carefully before sticking the pieces down on a thin layer of PVA glue. Quick coat of clear water-based varnish and that was it.

No shortage of trinkets to go on the shelves obviously...


  1. Love everything here Tracey. Doesn't it feel good to clear the decks and...make some money.
    Apple chutney will make a lovely xmas gift. X

    1. Now I'm all geared up to make some this will probably be the year we get no apples!
      We didn't make that much cash at the car boot, but it was good to move things on and great to see the sitting room carpet again! x

  2. Oooh I love those labels! And your house shelves look so lovely with the paper, I love Tiger too!

    1. Tiger just makes me happy - always so bright and cheery. Well priced too.
      Thank you Susie :)

  3. Laughing at the PumpaDrink! :D I recognise those labels too! I was addicted to Tiger when we lived in Denmark, there was an even nicer shop called Sostrene Grone (the green sisters!) Amazing! The little house is gorgeous! (:

    1. One day I'll make it to Denmark! I've been saying that for years haven't I? Thanks Emma x