Tuesday, 8 December 2015

We Three Kings.. join the DIY Nativity. #Christmascrafts

Three wise men

The Wise Men are made in exactly the same way as the other Nativity figures - just a bit more sparkly decoration involved.

So we went for bright colours and added a coat of glitter paint to some of the egg box cones.

Use the template made last time for the heads - working in some appropriately elaborate headwear!

We used a gold pen and stuck on some shiny plastic bits found in the craft box.

Colouring in with nice bright felt tips would look great too, or you could use stickers.

Another good tip would be sticking on shapes or crowns cut from sparkly/shiny Christmas or Birthday cards.

Use a colour pencil for the face and felt tips for eyes, beards etc so they stand out.

Have fun decorating the cloaks - stickers, metallic pens, a sprinkle of glitter - whatever you want!

Follow the instructions for the other Nativity figures and glue the sleeves and cloaks to the cones.

Then stick the bottom beardy part of the heads to the very top part of the cones.

For the gold, frankincense and myrrh we glued some more shiny flat jewels to small pieces of paper.

When dry, glue the bottom of sleeves together and stick the gifts on top.
Lie the Wise Men on their backs to dry so the gifts don't slip. Use a paper clip to hold the sleeves and gifts in place if you need to.

nativity scene

We're missing an angel.... last Nativity step-by-step next time.


  1. Is there anything you can't do with an egg box?
    Brilliant as usual. x

    1. Thanks Fiona :) Very attached to my egg boxes!! x