Friday, 4 December 2015

November Scavenger Hunt

A little late. A little late with everything at the moment! Never quite catch up with myself at this time of year. Got to be Christmas ground rush and general weariness I think. But I don't mind the rush really; quite happy with the days flying by, because it means we're that much closer to my husband coming home. Sadly not for Christmas though. But no dwelling; doesn't help, so, on with the photos...

A stranger

More like uninvited visitors, in our garden! Managed to herd the sheep into their field, only for them to come back....twice. 
Obviously good stuff on offer.

Looking down

Pop Culture

One of the many brilliant comic strip murals dotted around Brussels.


From thick fog to a matter of minutes.


Back in the days when she didn't mind being hugged by a giant frog....



Birthday bottle.

Out and About




Whatever you want

In? Out? Whatever....

Do pop over to Made with Love to see other twists on the list, and what to look out for in December.


  1. A lovely collection of photos here Tracey. I just didn't get around to it this month!
    I Love the Hole and Hat photos and of course your lovely puss by the Aga. Now I'm hoping that you gave that baboon a blue arse? (You know you can always rely on me to lower the tone!)
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Is it meant to be blue? Painted it pink! x

    2. Have no idea why I said blue... but pleased to hear your baboon has a pink bum. X

  2. Whatever you want is so adorable; and hole is an amazing photo. Have a great weekend!

  3. The Tin Tin mural on the side of that building is great & very creative. The sunset through the Hole is incredible & the Beware of Guinea Pig is just hilarious. Great hunting results

  4. Hi Tracey I hope you husbnad will be home soon even he won't be there at Christmas. Loved all your photographic takes on the word prompts. Are those your sheep? I suppose they do keep the grass down for you but then perhaps they eat your flowers as well!!! Love your undecided cat, your little girl when she was younger, your birthday bottle, and what is all that about being a friad of a Guinea Pig? But for me the best shots and my favourite are firstly the girl in the hat and secondly the sunset through the hole. Brilliant images. Apparently my link was not working until yeterday so hope you will pop in and see my take on the words and read my continuing story about The Formidible Four. Have a wonderful Christmas, I am just off to spend it in Malawi with my family.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Margaret - my husband will be back in Feb for a bit and then home for good in April. Can't wait! Not our sheep, but they seem to like our garden! Luckily not too many flowers left for them to munch. That's my daughter in a hat by a lake in France and it's one of my favourites too. The sunset through the gap is the lane just by our house. I'm going to pop by yours now! Hope you have a lovely Christmas away.

  5. Hi, Tracey! I'm late getting around to visit everyone's photographs for the scavenger hunt too! I'd like to say that it is because of the holidays, but I'm often coming from behind. I enjoyed everyone of your photos, and hat was simply beautiful. I'm sorry that you and your husband have to be apart at Christmas, at any time. I hope the days continue to fly by and he is safely home with you before you know it. Wishing you and your family joy during this holiday season.

    1. Thanks so much Louise! We're heading back to Northern Ireland to spend Christmas with family. Really looking forward to it.

  6. Lovely collection of photos. The mural was amazing, the sunset through the hole was beautiful and the guinea pig sign made me laugh. x