Friday, 18 December 2015

Angels and other things for the DIY Nativity - #Christmascrafts

angel kids craft

Last few pieces of the Nativity.

The angel is made like the other figures, but instead of a cloak, draw and cut out wings.

Fold some yellow paper and draw one wing on the fold. Cut out and open up. Glue the arms on first followed by the wings and glue the head to the front of the cone. Bend the arms back a little when dry.

To make the angel fly, we used some gold wire (£2 from Tiger), but a long wooden skewer stick would work too.

For a halo - make a hole in the top of the cone behind the head (keep nail scissors closed, press down and twist). Thread a piece of wire up through the hole, so there's a few cms sticking out the top.
Make a loop at the end (can be stiff so best done by an adult).  Bend down into a halo position and pull the wire through until you're happy with the position above the head.
Stick the wire down firmly inside the cone body with sticky tape.

If you'd rather avoid the halo stage, or you're using a skewer, stick the top part inside the cone body with sticky tape.

Next make a hole in the the roof of the stable, right by the back edge, near the middle (use nail scissors again - probably best done by an adult as the card is thick).

Stick the wire or skewer down through the hole and when you're happy with the height of your angel, use sticky tape again to attach it firmly to the back wall of the stable.

We used yellow paper for the star, but you could paint plain paper or use metallic pens. If you have a star shape or stencil to draw round, use that, then glue to a piece of cereal box card before cutting out. (You could stick a piece of tin foil on some cereal box card, draw round the star on the back of the card and cut round it)

We couldn't find a star shape, so made a small paper star using this technique - and stuck it down on some cereal box card before cutting out and sprinkling with glitter.

Use ticky tape to attach the wire (or skewer) to the back of the star - make a hole by the back corner of the stable and stick down inside, like the angel.

For the donkey, flatten a toilet paper roll with your hand, use a ruler to draw a line straight along the tube, 4cm from one of the creases. Draw your donkey's body, taking the legs right down to the line and using the crease for the back. Cut through both sides of the tube, but don't cut along the back.

Make the donkey's head from the leftover tube, or, if there isn't enough, cut open another one.

As a guide, from the bottom of the mane to the top of the head should be about 3cm. Colour the mane with a black pen.

Line the body up below the mane, just to check it looks okay.

Then continue drawing down from the front of the neck and across (about a cm) and down from the bottom of the mane to make a tab, because this is going to slot into the body.

Cut out the head and a strip for the tail. Colour the end black.

Paint the body, head and tail grey. The great thing about using a cardboard tube is it's easy to paint both sides of the head. Paint the muzzle light grey.

If you want, snip along the mane.

Snip half way across the neck, just below the mane...

and cut the same length of slot at the head-end of the body.

The head should now slot into the body so the edges line up - if the neck is sticking out a bit, give the body slot another small snip.
Draw on eyes and nostrils with the black pen.

Glue the tail under the other end of the body. Leave to dry before bending the tail down.

Arrange your Nativity!

Nativity scene - Christmas craft


  1. I don't know how you find the time to think of these ideas Tracey. Your completed Nativity is utterly brilliant. Bravo! xx

    1. Thank you :) Felt once I started it here really needed to finish it! xx