Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October Scavenger Hunt

Another month flown by. I found the first wildly over-optimistic Christmas list floating round the kitchen at the weekend, so, no more pretending it's miles off... 
Where has this year gone?

I'm joining in with Made with Love's monthly photo scavenger hunt again... a bit late. Really enjoyed thinking about the list, great for passing the time when I'm stuck in the car, driving to and from school.  And it's been lovely having an excuse to scroll through reams of old photos.


Don't rainbows make you wonder? This one appears in the same spot on the kitchen wall during a sunny afternoon.


Green cream for Halloween - tutti-frutti apparently. Not a taste sensation.



Through the garden fence.


We are blessed with a beautiful view. Lovely watching it change with the seasons.



Making the most of the last few days of my husband's leave with a bit of hedge cutting and burning.

Love a fire.




One of the notes I've kept, to show them later...



I've been spotting mushrooms everywhere since my foraging course. This is honey fungus, in our garden. Not a good thing, as it kills certain trees and shrubs. And now I know it's also edible. Though not quite brave enough to try...


Not exactly broken - we've just had a new floor put down, but look what's been holding up the joists!

Whatever you want


Do pop over to Made with Love for other takes on the list, and to see what's in store for November!


  1. You certainly havve a lovely view from your home and I love the chilled out cat. Love the rig of flowers adn the view through the lattice work.

  2. Well done Tracey, good to see you again this month. I am so behind with mine but hoping to post in next couple of days. The note to mum is adorable and I love your chillin' moggy. What a fabulous interpretation of Ring.

  3. Ooh they're great - I love Down and your chilled cat of course :) And the mushrooms - so beautiful.

  4. Beautiful pictures.:) Look at that chillin cat.Looks very chilled indeed.That flower is beautiful and the icing on the cakes is so vivid.x

  5. I loved your photos, Tracey. Rainbows fill me with wonder; but after teaching how rainbows form for a couple of decades, they don't make me wonder. I never get over their beauty wherever they appear. Yours is striking. Loved the cat stretching. I've been stuck flat in bed for three days now, and I wish I could do a stretch like that. It would feel awesome. Your view is breathtaking! Have a good one!